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Practical information about Solo

  • family
  • Romantic
  • Religious places or monuments
  • music
  • Museums
  • Craft
  • Historical places or monuments

How can I get there?

9 hours train ride from Jakarta

When is the best time?

All year round

Minimum stay

1 to 2 days

Traveler experiences

Solo, or Surakarta, is an Indonesian city that has a lot of history to offer, with the royal palace, museums and an institute for Indonesian art.

My advice:

Tour the city in the morning before it gets too hot. Organize your stay on a Saturday to visit the Wayang Orang Theater in Sriwadari Park.

My opinion

I leave the hostel very early and go straight to the Kraton, the royal palace. I walk through the entrance gate and am impressed by the calm atmosphere and the silence, which contrast with the commotion on the street. I'm lucky in the courtyard because I can attend a performance of wayang kulit, the Indonesian shadow theater. I am impressed by the skill of the puppeteer, but the music of the ceremonial gamelan moves me the most.

In the afternoon I relax under the trees of Sriwadari Park before discovering the Ngarsopuro night market. Colorful lights, spicy scents, children's laughter and loudspeaker music for the "Saturday night fever by Solo".

In this familiar atmosphere I attend the weekly performance of the Wayang Orang Theater. The hall is half empty, people come and go, eat and laugh. The building is a bit shabby, but the actors and dancers fascinate me with the scene play of the Ramayana, accompanied by the rhythms of the gamelan musicians. The costumes are wonderful and the masks are very sophisticated.

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