When will the Third World War come

"First the banks crash.

Then comes hunger.

Then comes the war. "

More and more people have the vague suspicion that something fundamentally is wrong with our system. But very few people want or can imagine that this system will collapse shortly. And yet the great European prophecy paints exactly this picture: the complete collapse of the system through revolution and war and the subsequent renaissance of monarchy and church.

The German seer Maria S. had impressive visions fifteen years ago that fit seamlessly into the great European prophecy - and that at a time when she herself did not yet know anything about the visions of the other great seers. In recent years her visions have become increasingly clear. And the remarkable thing: Maria S. received some of her visions with a specific year.

The waves of colossal tremors now breaking upon us are:

- Unknown epidemics

- A massive increase in taxes and duties

- A dramatic increase in monetary devaluation

- A global bank crash with subsequent famine, popular uprisings and flight of our politicians

- A civil war in Turkey

- Revolutions across Europe

- A surprise attack by the Russians on Western Europe

- A three day eclipse that kills billions of people

- The coronation of the new European monarchs.

Ruben Stein spoke to the seer several times and compared her visions with the visions of the other great European seers. The result is staggering.

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