What are some popular 80s fashion trend

80s fashion: all trends and the best 80s looks for after-shopping!

Hard to believe, but true: 80s fashion is currently celebrating its big revival. From ruffled blouses with puff sleeves, to vinyl skirts and wide waist belts to carrot pants, everything is there that makes the 80s heart beat faster.

And the super trendy metallic colors take us back to the times of Wham !, Nena and Modern Talking.

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Back to the 80s: The most important fashion trends of the 80s

You can find out exactly what the original 80s fashion looked like and which items of clothing were all the rage back then on our little fashion journey through time!

1. Carrot pants

High-waisted, wide at the hips and thighs and tight at the ankles, she wasn't exactly the most capable figure-flatterer. Still, she was carried up and down. In lacquer, fabric and as jeans in the typical 80s washes - stonewashed, moonwashed or acid-washed.

2. shoulder pads

Broad shoulders were a must in the 80s - especially for women. Whether blouse, dress or blazer - everything was stuffed with thick shoulder pads until you looked like a professional swimmer. In general, 80s fashion designers loved adding a masculine touch to women's clothing.

Tip: You can hardly find clothes with shoulder pads? Then you should get so-called shoulder pad inserts. They are usually simply attached to the bra and conjure up the typical 80s shoulders in no time at all. Here you can buy the upholstery on Amazon.

3. Puffed sleeves

More is more: In 80s fashion, whatever was upholstered and puffed up. In addition to shoulder pads, puffed sleeves were sooooo big. By the way, they were already very popular at the beginning of the 19th century. As the saying goes: Everything will come back at some point ...

4. Oversize blazer

What we mean by oversize today was only laughed at in the 80s. At that time, oversize meant: The piece (preferably the blazer in a men's jacket blend) is perfect when it feels five sizes too big. Drooping shoulders and XXL width included.

5. Leggings

'Flashdance', 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Footloose' the 80s are THE decade of dance films. And because the cinema viewers wanted to emulate the spirit (and maybe also the character) of the protagonists, they went to aerobics in droves - of course, stylishly styled in leggings and body.

You can find a large selection of leggings on Amazon, for example

6. Gauntlets

Speaking of aerobics. A must for the trend sport with its Queen Jane Fonda: gauntlets. It just couldn't be done without them. You don't want to catch a cold when you sweat ...

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7. Viiiiiel jewelry

Bling, bling, Klimper, Klimper, Protz, Protz - not only with the shoulders, but also with the accessories, more was definitely more. The 80s girl competed with any Christmas tree with her jewelry. Top favorite: XXL hoop earrings and bangles, preferably in neon colors.

8. Bright colors

Poison green, bright yellow or hot pink - the main thing is that it is bright! Neon colors are typical of the 80s fashion. Back then, people just liked the highlighter look. Cruel I know

9. Geometric patterns

What's worse than neon colors? Right, patterns in neon colors. The 80s trendsetters were particularly fond of geometric prints with circles, lines and wavy lines. Even men were addicted to the brightly colored pattern hype and even wore the color combinations that caused cramps on the ski slopes. You have to give it to them - they had courage.

10. Waist belt

Tame the masses of matter! In the 80s, attempts were made to tame the oversized blazers, wide shirts and misshapen blouses with wide waist belts. Zack, just tie it - at least a bit of the silhouette could be seen.

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11. Sequins and Lurex

A huge thing in 80s fashion: Lurex. The shiny metallic threads in gold or silver were woven into everything that is not on the trees with three. And so that the metallic part of every 1000 watt bulb steals the show, two kilos of sequins were thrown onto the dress. You remember: more is more.

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