What is your favorite candy 6

Nadiya's favorite family meal

Episode 1: Family Outing

The family is planning a trip. For the picnic, Nadiya makes cheese biscuits with a tomato filling and a delicious samosa-style cake. When they return, the family awaits a saffron biryani with prawns. In search of the best homemade pate, Nadiya ends up in Cornwall with amateur world champion Gillian. On the way she visits a rapeseed oil farm in Northampton.

Episode 2: Family Reunion

For a family gathering, Nadiya conjures up spicy and garlic-containing fries with Japanese furikake spice, delicious beef burgers with bacon jam and a pilaf with jollof rice and cured cucumber salad. And for those who are still not full afterwards, there is their mirror-inverted cheesecake.

Episode 3: Nothing in the Fridge

Nothing to eat in the house? Nadiya shows which tasty dishes the kitchen still produces on such days. She prepares the Lebanese salad dish Fattusch with fruits, cooks ginger rice with hot chickpeas and an avocado pasta with peas and mint. In Derby, Nadiya meets pasta fan Lynn and in a herb garden she indulges her passion for spices with spice expert Roopa.

Episode 4: Stressful Everyday Life

Fast and tasty - it works! Nadiya starts the day with a mango-lime-bircher muesli. She makes a quick version of prawn toast, a seafood crumble and sweet apple slices, all of which delight. Because she values ​​the simplicity of muesli, Nadiya pays a visit to the first cereal café in London.

Episode 5: When there are visitors 

The right ideas for overnight guests: Delicious mocha snails to start the day are followed by cheese macaroni with piccalilli. Nadiya surprises with a hearty chicken and grapefruit stew with coucous and presents pear halves with pudding and crumble as a dessert, which will convince even the most critical guests. To learn more about chillies, Nadiya travels to Earlsfield to see George, who is passionate about chillies.

Episode 6: Relaxed weekend

Nadiya presents delicious recipes for a perfect relaxing weekend: It starts with a smoked spinach shakshuka - Nadiya's interpretation of a traditional Arabic dish with poached eggs. She makes a quick, easy squid risotto, shows off her family version of a Sunday dinner, and bakes a juicy orange and coffee poke cake.

Episode 7: Surprise Guests

Nadiya knows what to do if suddenly unannounced guests are at the door. The solution is a simple radish ceviche with avocado and roasted sourdough, the crispy Indian snack Chaat in a tortilla casing, wheat slices with hazelnut puree and pickled red onions and finally caramel bread that makes everyone's mouth water. Her fascination for caramel brings Nadiya to Wiltshire to see specialist Jen.

Episode 8: Pampering Days

If you really want to pamper yourself and your loved ones, Nadiya has a few ideas ready: from a royal ham and cheese wreath to Indian Kati rolls with creamy spinach and pane cheese, an airy chicken and rice casserole to sticky syrup balls, a really sweet sin. Nadiya learns more about the perfect rice at a research facility in Bristol and studies where honey comes from with beekeeper Robert in Hassocks.