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Christmas in kindergarten: ideas for the Christmas season in culturally mixed groups of children

Songs & Games for Christmas

During Advent, the children hear Christmas stories, set up a day nursery and maybe even practice a nativity play, which they then do at the Christmas party perform in kindergarten. An atmospheric setting is always part of it Christmas carols to sing along to.

1. Christmas carols in kindergarten

Use the time before Christmas to sing the classic Christmas carols with the children. A nice opportunity to get to know Christmas carols from all over the world.

The following examples show songs from different countries in Europe:

  • Albania: Krishti i vogël sot na leu
  • Germany: Open the door / bell, bell, bell ringing / Merry Christmas everywhere
  • England: We wish you a merry Christmas / Silver Bells / Joy to the World
  • France: Petit Papa Noël / Joyeux Noël
  • Italy: Bambino devino / Tu scendi dalle stelle
  • Croatia: U to vrijeme godišta
  • Poland: Wśród nocnej ciszy
  • Romania: O, ce veste minunată
  • Sweden: Jul, jul strålande jul / Nu har vi ljus
  • Slovenia: Poslušajte, vsi ljudje
  • Spain: Gloria en lo alto / Feliz Navidad
  • Czech Republic: Žežulka z lesa vylítla
  • Turkey: Sessiz gece, Kutsal gece

2. Games during the Christmas season

Of course there is also time to play in Advent. Join-in songs and stories, fairy tales like Frau Holle or Sterntaler invite the children to be active Participate and replay a. To enjoy the Christmas season with all your senses, are suitable Perception games especially good.

Christmas games with all your senses

Fill small bags with different things and have the children reach into them so that they can just by buttons guess what's in each sachet. The content should be typically Christmassy, ​​such as a wooden star, fir branches, nuts, tinsel or a candle.

Modify the game by helping the children just by hearing recognize the contents of the sachet. Walnuts, straw or small bells are suitable for this. Another variant is the perception of Christmas smells. But there are all sorts of things to do in Advent fragrant ingredients. Take, for example, cinnamon sticks, aniseed, almonds or gingerbread.

Sound history: Christmas in the winter forest

Bring the Advent season to life. Many Christmas stories for the little ones are about the fact that at Christmas time in the forest all the animals come together and celebrate a big festival. Such stories can be wonderfully implemented as a sound story in Advent.

Various Orff instruments are used to make the story sound. The following examples can serve as inspiration:

  • Snow: finger cymbals or triangles
  • Hare: hand drum
  • Deer: tonewoods
  • Bear: drum in lower register
  • Fuchs: Chime bars
  • Branches in the wind: carillon

Movement games

Even if the children cannot play outside that often in the cold season, exercise should not be neglected. Create incentives to move rhythmic join-in songs. Together with the whole group, circle games are also a lot of fun.

There is a pointed cap - this classic among the circle games goes perfectly with Christmas in kindergarten. Instead of a pointed hat, the children can also sing a gnome hat.

The text is like this:

A pointed cap goes around in our circle, dideldum.
A pointed cap goes around in our circle.
Three times three is nine
you already know what I mean
Twenty is twice ten.
Pointed cap, stop, stop.
They shake, they shake, they throw their legs behind them,
they clap their hands: we are both known.

And this is how it is played:
The children form a circle. A child walks around inside, holding his hands on his head like a pointed hat - in Advent he of course wears a red Santa hat. With “stay standing”, the child in front of whom it is standing gives hands and both children shake and shake each other. The second child now puts on the hat and walks around, the first returns to the circle.