Who should use antibacterial soaps

What use are antibacterial soaps or washing lotions?

Antibacterial soaps do not protect against corona

In the case of Corona, a virus is responsible for the diseases. However, commercially available soaps are mainly directed against bacteria. This makes them unsuitable for protection against corona. Apparently they cannot harm the surface of the virus. Nevertheless, hand hygiene is particularly important these days. And conventional soap is sufficient for this. Even in the fight against corona viruses.

Is there any protection against disease?

The question remains whether these soaps and lotions help against other diseases. The fact is: the number of studies is thin. Nonetheless, our experts say: No. The same applies here: Regular hand washing with normal soap is completely sufficient as protection against diseases.

The cleaning effect

The manufacturers only have to prove their advertising claims in the laboratory. Allegedly, antibacterial soaps should eliminate up to 99 percent of all germs. However, it is unclear how this value will be achieved in practice. Even more:

The Federal Environment Agency, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and the Robert Koch Institute agree: Disinfectants or antibacterial cleaning products in the household are basically superfluous.

There are reasons for this: some manufacturers use the substance triclosan in small quantities in their soaps. The consumer advice center in North Rhine-Westphalia writes:

Triclosan can cause allergies, make bacteria resistant to antimicrobial agents and even form toxic dioxins under UV radiation.

In addition, animal experiments have shown that triclosan has a damaging effect on the endocrine system.

Who is antibacterial soap good for?

People with a weak immune system or the acutely ill can protect themselves with antibacterial soap. According to the Federal Environment Agency, the use of antibacterial cleaners can be recommended if “a person lives in the household with an infectious disease (e.g. salmonella permanent excretor), an immune deficiency or an allergy. Whether and which disinfection measures are useful should always be discussed with the treating doctor on a case-by-case basis ”. Also means: healthy people don't need antibacterial soap.