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Pietro Maximoff

This page contains information about the Quicksilver of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the version of the X-Men movie universe, see Peter Maximoff

"Didn't you see that coming?"
- Pietro Maximoff to Clint BartonAvengers: Age of Ultron

Pietro Maximoff


Pietro Maximoff alias Quicksilver was abused by HYDRA for experiments, which gave him his powers.

History [edit | Edit source]

The Return of the First Avenger Edit source]

Here Quicksilver was seen in a post-credits scene in a kind of cage in a HYDRA facility, where he used his powers uncontrollably.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Edit source]

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff were orphans with ten orphans when their home was destroyed by a grenade manufactured by Stark Industries. Years later, he and his twin sister Wanda volunteered at HYDRA for experiments that gave him his strength. When the AvengersLokis wanted to retrieve the scepter from HYDRA, they met the two twins for the first time, which made their mission much more complicated. They let go of the Avengers with the scepter because Wanda saw this as an opportunity to destroy Tony Stark.

After Ultron was created, they worked with him to eliminate the Avengers, particularly Tony Stark, in order to get revenge. Later, when Wanda saw what Ultron's real intentions were, they switched to the Avengers to stop Ultron.

Quicksilver died in the battle in Sokovia while rescuing Hawkeye and a young boy from Ultron.

Super powers [edit | Edit source]

  • Superhuman speed: Thanks to HYDRA's experiments with the scepter, Quicksilver was able to run extremely quickly. He was able to think, act, move, and perceive in seconds or faster, much faster than normal people could perceive. As such, he might perceive the world as moving in slow motion, especially when moving at super speed, while everyone else could see of him while he was using his speed was a vibrating motion blur. His power made him create an aura of blue, white and transparent energy currents and mist-like shapes, similar to fire or wind, and left a trail of them as he ran. When he was arrested by Wolfgang von Strucker, he was able to move from one end of his cell to the other in less than a fraction of a second. His skills made him unbeatable in combat.
  • Extreme power generation: Quicksilver had heightened momentum that enabled him to increase force in his attacks, punches, bumps and collisions, often propelling objects or people several feet forward that he used to balance his average human strength. He was therefore able to match Captain America's vastly superior strength in their confrontation so that Quicksilver made him fly by colliding with him and knocking him to the ground in one fell swoop while moving at top speed. During the Battle of Sokovia, Quicksilver used this ability again to dismantle numerous Ultron guards by colliding with them at great speed.
  • Increased metabolism: Quicksilver has a hyper-accelerated metabolic rate that improves its physical and mobility and agency skills while also being less numb from attacks or injuries as it was able to quickly recover from the pain of the gunshot and pretend like he's not hurt.
  • Superhuman reflexes: Quicksilver's increased speed also increased his reaction time, allowing him to react to hazards and events faster than a normal person until he could catch bullets in the air. As a result, Quicksilver tended to see the world around them as if they were in slow motion, especially when moving at high speed. But even with his heightened reflexes, Quicksilver can still be surprised, like his fight against Hawkeye during the confrontation between Iron Man and Captain America in the Avengers Tower.

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Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Both 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios hold the rights to this character. Coincidentally, these are played by Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor Johnson, who both played in Kick-Ass.
  • Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor Johnson played in the film Godzilla (2014) a married couple.
  • According to his own statements, Pietro is twelve minutes older than his twin sister Wanda.