How much are waiters paid per week

The salary as a waiter

Gross salary as a waiter

jobWaiter / waitress
Monthly gross salary1.948,57€
Annual gross salary23.382,90€
How much net?

Do you earn enough as a waiter?

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Waiter - The most important facts

  • The everyday work of one Waiter is not easy: stress, irregular working hours and weekend shifts are in the foreground.
  • Nevertheless, the waiter industry is one of the worst paid industries in Germany.
  • But what do waiters really earn? Are there industry-specific differences? And what about promotion opportunities?

The waiter's salary in detail

The training remuneration in the apprenticeship as a waiter

The waiter also receives a first monthly salary during the training. The amount of this so-called training allowance naturally varies depending on the employer and the location. The figures given here are therefore only intended as a rough guide:

  • 420 euros to 550 euros gross per month
  • 510 euros to 620 euros gross per month
  • 580 euros to 700 euros gross per month

After successfully passing the exams, the specialist starts with a starting salary of around:

  • 1500 euros to 1900 euros gross per month.
The base salary of a waiter

The average salary of an unskilled Waiter is around 8.50 euros per hour throughout Germany. Experienced or trained waiters are often awarded a higher level salary rewarded.

However, differences in salary can also be found in the various industries. Someone who serves the guests in a small café often earns less than someone who works in an exclusive restaurant. With experience, you can sometimes even earn twice as much per hour here.

Tips and other surcharges

Of course, the earnings are not just based on the salary a waiter receives from his employer. In addition, there are tips, which can also be higher or lower.

  • The average weekly hours, which often exceed 40 hours per week, can also ensure a higher salary - provided the employer pays the waiter for the overtime.

In addition, grants are often paid if the shifts fall in the evening or night, as well as on weekends or public holidays.

Experience and knowledge are rewarded

In addition, not every waiter comes with the same knowledge. Those who are able to take over the shift management or to prepare drinks behind the bar often earn more than those who only take orders and deliver them.

  • This knowledge may come with experience or training. Much knowledge, on the other hand, must first be acquired through training. However, they cost money and are usually not subsidized by employers.

The training to become a waiter in detail

The waiter, in his friendly and charming manner, provides the guests with food and drinks in a restaurant or other facility.

In order to take up the profession of waiter, one should first of all be a three year old training graduate as a restaurant specialist. Part of this will take place in the respective company and the other in the corresponding regional vocational school. Here the budding waiter learns everything he needs to practice in his future job.

It is an advantage if the applicant has a few basic characteristics:
  • Good concentration
  • Fit in mental arithmetic
  • Friendly appearance
  • Be suitable for shifts

The possibilities of further training in the profession as a waiter

Anyone who works as a waiter for a further education should decide, he has several options.

The most common are:
  • Complete further training to become a specialist
  • Attend further training to become a business economist
  • Strive for the championship title
  • Starting your own existence

Waiter - further training at a glance

Advanced training to become a specialist

In just 18 months the waiter can go to the Specialist get further training. This qualifies him up to his first managerial tasks and positions. So you take a good step up the career ladder, which in the end should of course also be reflected in a salary increase.

Further training to become a business economist

Also a training for Business economist is very popular with a waiter. This also allows you to acquire advanced knowledge and skills, which are mostly very career-enhancing and just as income-increasing.

Acquire championship title

In this profession, too, you can acquire a master's degree as part of further training. This then refers to the restaurant and gastronomy area. In a maximum of two years you will have this title in your hands. Not only good for your career, but also a license at the same time: the permission to train your own apprentices.

Start your own existence

With the championship title you then have the option self-employed close. So you can open your own business and be your own boss from now on.

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