Are you a happy person

Are you a happy person

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Are you one of the lucky people? When do you count among the happy people and what would happy people never do ?!

To stay happy you have to do a lot for it, you look for things for which you are grateful. You treat yourself and your fellow human beings lovingly. Problem? All people, including happy people, have problems, only you encounter them when you are happy with the attitude that there is a solution for everything! It's the little things in life that make you happy ... if you are one of those happy people. :-)

The feeling of being happy is becoming an increasingly important issue

Everyone is supposed to be ... but if you look behind the facade you get to see a stressed, unsatisfied heap that always finds something to complain about! You can also be persuaded and persuaded a lot, it's about happiness. Silently ask yourself the question and go through the following points to find out where YOU really stand.

What satisfied, happy people would never do

Are you always looking for confirmation and recognition?

No? Well! A happy person doesn't need approval from others. He accepts and likes himself for who he is. Everyone knows that hard-won recognition can burst in the next instant and turn into rejection or criticism. Welcome the people with open arms, who take you for who you are, who appreciate what you have to offer without having to bend overhead. There are certainly many people who find the path you have chosen fantastic ... if you have not yet met them, go in search of them - THESE are your friends.

But mainly: Be your best friend yourself and not your greatest enemy.

Do you like to compare yourself to others?

No? Well! A happy person does not measure himself against others. It will never be and never will be! You are you. YOU are your own yardstick. It would not work because your "start" in life was different from that of the others. The experiences are not the same, etc. I think it's OK to see others as an incentive, but it would fail miserably if you tried yourself as a "decal". Remember the hurdles you have already overcome, evoke your strengths, and accept your weaknesses.

Do you hold onto what you can't change?

No? Well! TODAY is what counts! Lingering in the past or being angry about things that you cannot change anyway spoil the “today” for us. Of course you don't have to approve of everything that happened, that hurt and offended you! See and accept the negative experience as part of the past. It's just another chapter in your life story - flip through that chapter and learn from it!

Do you blame others for your happiness?

No? Well! Of course, it's the easier way to blame others for your happiness. Only the motto of happy people is: "I have control over how I feel and how I shape my life!" Be satisfied with what you have, even if others in the same situation might be totally dissatisfied! It is precisely those who do not belong to the "happy people". It gets better and better - more beautiful - bigger - younger - smarter - more expensive, etc., but does that make you happy? You would put yourself in an endless loop that, believe me, makes you anything but happy!

Do you surround yourself with too many negative people?

No? Well! I always call this species “energy robbers”! People who tap into me, suck me out and then go to the next one. Vampires who can do nothing but suck you, make you tired, ramble your head and their bad mood rubs off on me! You need someone else who joins your lament ... I surround myself with positive people, whose good mood and positive demeanor rub off on me! Most of the time it is also a waste of time to convince negative people that there would be enough positive in the world for them too if they only used a side street. :-) Some feel very comfortable in their bitterness.

Less is often more

If you're being honest with yourself, did you find yourself in any of these paragraphs? If YES, try to change it. Of course, it will not always be possible to stay away from everything, but you can reduce the time that you do not like in your life! Often two words are enough, namely a "no, thank you."

Most of the time, having less means having more! Make friends with your contentment. :-) Let the past be gone and stand with both feet in the TODAY!

And regardless of whether your colleague has received a promotion, you always have to keep in mind “You have less stress, you can enjoy your free time more and you don't have to do what is expected of HIM / HER now ... and that's how you see everything has two sides.

"Comparing is the END of happiness and the BEGINNING of SATISFACTION"

What do you say? Have YOU changed from being unhappy to being happy? Or do YOU ​​see it completely differently? I look forward to your opinion.

Now it's your turn!

Do you have any suggestions, additions or further tips for me and other readers? I'm looking forward to your comment.

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