Which car or bike do you drive

Why do you still drive a car?

In Germany there are almost as many bicycles as there are inhabitants - and more and more the two-wheeler is replacing Germany's favorite child: the car. There are many reasons for this: from growing environmental awareness to more physical fitness to financial relief, the change has many advantages.

Do you still drive? We'll give you 5 reasons why you should switch to a bike:

1. You are faster on a bike

Who does not know it? Rush hour traffic. No wonder the traffic comes to a standstill with so many cars. As a cyclist, you can simply scurry past the standing drivers and stop being angry about the constant traffic jam.

2. Cycling keeps you fit

In the stressful everyday life, sport sometimes falls short. If you use your bike to go to work, to meet friends or to go shopping, you always combine the way with a small exercise session. The best thing about it: no time is wasted. The time you spend on your bike on your way to work would otherwise be spent in the car or on the train.

3. You save money

You can get a decent bike from a dealer for just a few 100 euros. As a rule, the bike lasts for several years. Every now and then it has to be inspected or a small repair is due. The costs of insurance, gasoline, TÜV etc. that are susceptible to the car. omitted and the approx. 150 euros for a monthly train ticket as well.

4. Environment

There is not much to say here: the bicycle does not emit any Co2 or other pollutants and does not make any noise. You are environmentally conscious on your bike.

5. You get to know your city properly

Hand on heart. How exactly do you pay attention to your surroundings while you are sitting in the car? If you look out the window, you will see traffic lights and parking spaces. But if you are traveling by bike, the paths usually lead through streets with beautiful houses, along rivers or through the forest lying around, where cars have no business. Who knows, maybe you will discover your new favorite place in your city.

Why do you like to ride a bike?