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Vilnius opens places for gastronomy

After weeks of stagnation in public life, there could soon be unusually lively images from the historic old town of Vilniusgive. The mayor of the Lithuanian capital announced that Vilnius would give its restaurateurs a large part of the public space availablewill ask. The bar and restaurant owners hit hard by the corona crisis can then have theirs Set up tables outsideand at the same time the required Comply with distance rules

The gradual exit from lockdowndid in the Baltic state of Lithuania last week began: Cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating, Hairdressers and almost the entire trade were allowed to reopen. However, strict hygiene and safety measures also apply in Lithuania, which is comparatively weakly affected by the corona pandemic (44 deaths). The number of customers per store is limited, Café and restaurant tables must be at least two meters apartbe set up.

The city government of Vilnius also decided to open the public spaces to the urban planning conditions: the old town of Vilnius, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is characterized by narrow streets that make it almost impossible to set up more than a few tables outdoors.

“Cafes and restaurants are allowed Free outdoor tables this seasonVilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius said. Public safety remains the city's top priority, but the measure should help cafes "open up, work, keep jobs and keep Vilnius alive".

160 applicants for the space

The opening for cafes and restaurants in the open air concerns eighteen public squares in the city,including the central cathedral square. Should be during the summer more to be added, it said from the town hall. More than 160 companies have already applied for the offer.