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Lotus Elise: The auto legend is retiring after 25 years

Significantly shorter than four meters and a fighting weight of less than a ton: the Elise from Lotus is a sports car that hardly exists today. After a "Final Edition" it is over for them too. Small car, big name: the Lotus Elise is a sports car ... more

Hummer EV: cult brand builds huge SUV

Next to him, every SUV shrunk to a small car. But then the lobster suddenly became extinct. Now it is alive again - in its old size, with even more power. And something else is new. You can see what the car looks like in the video. General Motors has Hummer ... more

Renault: New logo after almost 100 years - this is how it looks

The French automaker spices up its brand logo. After almost 100 years. The freshness treatment has several reasons. It also fits the new electric offensive with which Renault wants to drive out of the crisis. Recently, several major car manufacturers have their brand logos ... more

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV: The World's Most Popular Electric Car

It may not be a beauty, but it is an absolute bargain. And that is exactly what makes the Hongguang Mini EV the most popular electric car in the world. 37,000 cars sold in China - in January alone: ​​A still completely unknown Stromer ... more

Auto - General Motors: Next car manufacturer renews its logo

A number of automakers are currently giving themselves a new logo - now General Motors too. What's behind it? And what is the new trademark of the third largest car manufacturer supposed to mean? A head replaces broad shoulders: Intelligent networking ... more

Auto - Tesla rival: Nikola is again without a partner

The great euphoria is followed by unexpected disillusionment: The Tesla rival Nikola is now receiving no support from the car manufacturer GM. Nikola stock is falling rapidly. The largest US automaker General Motors (GM) is making its strategic partnership ... more

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New cars: that's how much BMW, VW & Co. earn per car sold

Porsche makes almost 10,000 euros profit with every car sold. Tesla also makes good money on its new cars. Other manufacturers, on the other hand, not only produce cars - they also produce huge costs with them. Factories stood still, car dealerships had to ... more

Coronavirus - for the economy means: all locks open

The health crisis threatens to turn into an economic crisis. There is almost no way around it. In order to avert the recession, comprehensive steps are needed - and not small and small. So much value has not been destroyed for a long time. So many jobs were rare ... more

Car: These car brands made the biggest losses in 2019

Car sales worldwide in the basement: In some cases, sales fell by a tenth in 2019. Those who have been hit particularly hard and who have even been able to increase their sales - current figures show it. Overall, things went downhill by 3.9 percent in 2019 - only 78.6 million cars ... more

GM wants to revolutionize traffic with self-driving cars

General Motors subsidiary Cruise has presented a vehicle for the planned robot taxi fleet. The car has neither a steering wheel nor pedals. What would a car look like if the transport system started all over again? The "answer" to this question is Start ... more

Opel starts short-time work at the main plant in Rüsselsheim

The sale of the Insignia is lame, the Zafira is running out and the Astra will not be produced again until 2021 - employees at the Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim will have to expect less work in the coming months. The company is switching to short-time work. That has consequences ... more

The shock in Trump country: mass layoffs at General Motors

Donald Trump celebrates himself as the savior of the battered industry who is bringing back lost jobs for Americans. But the largest US automaker GM does not play along. This is also due to Trump's politics. Donald Trump is in his element during the election campaign in Tupelo ... more

Donald Trump threatens GM - and calls for production stop in China

General Motors cuts thousands of jobs in North America. US President Donald Trump, on the other hand, wants to save America's factories. Now he threatens the auto giant with consequences. US President Donald Trump has called General Motors (GM) because of massive job cuts ... more

Autotest: A trip across the country with the Cadillac XT4

Berlin (dpa-infocom) - Hardly any other SUV is as ostentatious as the Cadillac Escalade - and that is precisely why it is so successful in its niche. But the Americans are not all big and overpowered. They now want to prove that with the XT4. As the first compact ... more

PSA subsidiary: Opel throttles production in Rüsselsheim

After the short-time work introduced at the beginning of the year at the main Opel plant in Rüsselsheim, the workforce is threatened with further cost-cutting measures. Fewer working days and lower production volumes are planned - without the consent of the works council. Because of the bad order situation ... more

Punitive tariffs: Amazon & Co. are rebelling against Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump's punitive tariffs are encountering increasing resistance in US industry. Large corporations like Amazon are increasing their pressure on the White House. Because of concerns about their business, large corporations like Amazon are increasingly pushing the government to adopt a ... more

Sharp slump in profits at General Motors

Failure for General Motors (GM): The enormous costs of recalling 29 million cars and compensating accident victims have largely eroded the Opel parent's profit. The group's surplus plummeted in April ... more

Opel halves its loss

At the car manufacturer Opel, the tough restructuring course of the US parent company General Motors (GM) is having an effect. Last year the operating loss of the European business went down by more than half to still 844 million dollars (623 million ... more

Fight for market share: Opel shakes off the 15-year curse

The car manufacturer Opel seems to be on the right track. The GM subsidiary manages to curb its losses more and more. Now the boss Karl-Thomas Neumann announces: For the first time in 15 years Opel will not lose any more market shares in Europe. Unlike many competitors ... more

Sales of cars in the USA collapse dramatically

Consumers' reluctance to buy in the face of massive increases in gasoline prices and the economic downturn have caused auto sales in the USA to collapse dramatically. Both domestic brands and the German manufacturers BMW and Daimler are affected ... more