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Half a year after pill without a prescription: Oops! Something went wrong. / Known to too few Germans: only half know about the morning-after pill

16.09.2015 – 10:34

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Current figures bring it to light - there is still a need for clarification on the subject of contraception. Especially when it comes to the morning-after pill after a breakdown. There are 2.4 million contraception failures throughout Germany every year [1], almost everyone has been in this situation: forgot a pill, or did not put it in hand luggage while traveling, or tore a condom. The list of possible mishaps is long and shows - this can really happen to anyone. In such a case, however, many are not sufficiently informed about possible solutions. This is made clear by a current representative Emnid survey [2]: Considered across all age groups, a total of 47 percent do not know that the morning-after pill is available. However, especially when a contraception failure occurs, it is important to know in order to be able to react quickly. The time factor plays a particularly important role in this situation. The faster the drug is taken, the more likely it is to delay ovulation and thus prevent pregnancy. The lack of this vital information can easily lead to an unwanted pregnancy. There are large gaps in knowledge, especially among younger people between the ages of 16 and 18 and those with a lower level of education: Well over half of those surveyed do not know the morning-after pill. In order to react quickly and efficiently in the event of a contraception failure and to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, better and more extensive education is therefore necessary.

Responsible use of the morning-after pill

The morning after pill has been available in Germany in pharmacies without a prescription since March. After a breakdown in contraception, women can go straight to the pharmacy and take the morning-after pill quickly and easily. The time-consuming and often embarrassing visit to the doctor is no longer necessary. Contrary to initial fears, the abolition of the prescription requirement does not lead to irresponsible behavior when it comes to contraception. On the contrary: women can now act responsibly faster and more easily and still prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Compared to the previous year, sales of the morning after pill increased by around 45 percent [3]. That sounds like a lot at first. In fact, the more difficult access in the prescription era has deterred some girls and women from asking for the morning-after pill. Instead, you took the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Among other things, this led to the fact that around 200,000 pregnancies per year are still unwanted in Germany [4] (= 1/3 of the total pregnancies [5]). In comparison, women in other countries are much more likely to take the morning-after pill if something goes wrong with contraception and are not taking any risks. In France, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and the UK, for example, over 10 percent of women between 14 and 49 use the morning-after pill - in Germany just 3.1 percent. This is less than half of the European average of 6.6 percent. [6]

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