Who is the highest paid athlete

These are the highest paid athletes in the world in the current Forbes 2020 ranking

The corona crisis has meanwhile largely paralyzed the sports world. This has also had an impact on top athletes' multi-million dollar contracts. A new number one replaces the soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who shared the top positions in the past four years.

This year, two Germans and two women made it into the top 50. The new Forbes 2020 ranking shows how the income of athletes worldwide is otherwise.

The best paid athletes in the world in 2020 at a glance

49th place: Mesut Özil, Germany

As one of two Germans, soccer player Mesut Özil just barely makes it into the top 50 richest athletes in the world. With an income of24.32 million euros ($ 28.7 million) in 2020, the former international finished 49th.

At his club, Arsenal FC from London, he earned 19.66 million euros. His advertising deals bring him another 4.6 million euros.

33rd place: Serena Williams, USA

The American tennis player Serena Williams climbs through an income of 30.66 million euros ($ 36 million) ranked 33rd in 2020. The majority of her income comes from advertising and sponsorship income, with which she earned 27.26 million euros. In addition, the 23-time Grand Slam winner received around 3.4 million euros in prize money and prize money.

32nd place: Sebastian Vettel, Germany

With a merit of30.76 million euros(36.3 million US dollars) is the racing driver Vettel is the highest-earning athlete in Germany. He now drives for the Aston Martin brand. But with his former employer Ferrari he earned 30.5 million euros a year alone. The Formula 1 driver and former world champion accounted for just a little more than 250,000 euros in advertising income.

29th place: Naomi Osaka, Japan

Tennis player Naomi Osaka from Japan is the highest earning athlete in the world. With an income totaling 31.85 million euros (37.4 million US dollars), the just 22-year-old Grand Slam winner ends up in the top 30 in 29th place. Most of the money she earned from advertising income of 28.95 million euros, only 2.89 million Euros come from prize money and fees.

10th place: Carson Wentz, USA

Tenth place in the list of top-earning athletes is occupied by football professional Carson Wentz with an income of a little more than50 million euros - approximately $ 59.1 million. Of this, only 3.39 million come from advertising income. He earned the rest of 46.7 million euros with his employer, the Philadelphia Eagles.

9th place: Kirk Cousins, USA

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback earned51.29 million euros ($ 60.5 million), making it the highest-paid football player in the US professional league, the National Football League (NFL). As with Carson Wentz, Cousin's income of 49.17 million euros comes from the salary he earns at his club. The footballer earned only 2.1 million euros from advertising income.

8th place: Tiger Woods, USA

The golf professional will again make it into the top 10 highest paid athletes in the world in 2020. With an income of52.82 million euros ($ 62.3 million), it ends up in eighth place. Of its total income, around 50.87 million euros come from advertising alone.

7th place: Kevin Durant, USA

The Brooklyn Nets basketball player earned 202054.18 million euros($ 63.9 million). The largest share comes from advertising income of 29.68 million euros. Together with earnings of 24.5 million euros at the Nets, he makes it to seventh place among the highest-earning athletes worldwide.

6th place: Stephen Curry, USA

The professional basketball player and two-time MVP of the NBA has63.08 million euros($ 74.4 million) earned. At the Golden State Warriors he gets 25.78 million euros, which makes him one of the highest paid players in the NBA. A further 37.3 million euros are added through advertising. That puts him in sixth place among the world's best paid athletes in 2020.

5th place: LeBron James, USA

NBA star LeBron James climbs with a merit of74.8 million euros ($ 88.2 million) Fifth in the ranking of the world's top-earning athletes. With advertising alone, the basketball professional comes to a whopping 50.89 million euros.

4th place: Neymar de Silva Santos Junior, Brazil

As one of three football professionals in the top 10, the Brazilian Neymar made it to fourth place among the richest athletes in the world in 2020.80.99 million euros He earned ($ 95.5 million) that year. His salary and bonuses from the Paris Saint-Germain club is € 59.79 million. Neymar earned 21.2 million euros with advertising - but it was not enough for a place on the podium for the richest athletes.

3rd place: Lionel Messi, Argentina

The star player from FC Barcelona deserves88.81 million euros (104 million US dollars), which makes it just third among the top-earning athletes in the world. The salary of the multiple Champions League winner at his club alone is 61.06 million euros. Lionel Messi will receive an additional 27.14 million euros from advertising income.

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2nd place: Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

The Portuguese footballer from Juventus Turin earned 202089.03 million euros ($ 105 million). He is only slightly above his competitor Lionel Messi. That means second place in the ranking of the best-earning athletes in 2020. 50.87 million come from his salary with the current Italian soccer champion, and another 38.16 million euros come from advertising deals. Since this year, Christiano Ronaldo has also been considered the first footballer with a fortune over the billion dollar mark.

1st place: Roger Federer, Switzerland

The record Grand Slam winner from Switzerland Roger Federer has an income of90.27 million euros (106.3 million US dollars) ranked number one among the highest-paid athletes in 2020, leading the ranking. Federer earned 84.79 million euros from advertising alone.

The 10 highest paid athletes in the world 2020 in the table

placeSurnamecountryRevenue 2020
1.Roger FedererSwitzerland90.27 million euros
2.Cristiano RonaldoPortugal89.03 million euros
3.Lionel MessiArgentina88.81 million euros
4.NeymarBrazil80.99 million euros
5.LeBron JamesUnited States74.8 million euros
6.Stephen CurryUnited States63.08 million euros
7.Kevin DurantUnited States54.18 million euros
8.Tiger WoodsUnited States52.82 million euros
9.Kirk cousinsUnited States51.29 million euros
10.Carson WentzUnited States50 million euros
A total of--695.27 million euros