What is the purpose of opening Twitter

Open web: Twitter wants an open protocol for social networks

A small team out "Open source architects, developers and designers" is intended for the company Twitter "open and decentralized standard for social media" create. The announced Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. The goal is for Twitter to be just a client of this open standard in the future.

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In the announcement itself, Dorsey writes that Twitter was still somewhat open at the beginning, but has become more centralized for various reasons. That in turn poses further problems for the team. This includes the global enforcement of certain guidelines, which is currently not scaling. Social media also changed: away from hosting content to using algorithms that recommend content.

Irritatingly, Dorsey refers in the announcement to blockchain technology for decentralization as well as existing technology of the payment service provider Square, which Dorsey co-founded, and not to the already existing open standard Activity Pub. The latter was specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is used, for example, by the free Twitter alternative Mastodon.

The Mastodon project is accordingly surprised to the announcement and points out that the plans previously expressed by Twitter did not indicate an open and consensus-based process. Ultimately, Twitter's customers will continue to be advertising companies whose needs have to be taken care of. Ultimately, the Mastodon project accuses Twitter of wanting to design an open protocol that is controlled just as closely as Google is implementing with the Android open source project.