How do some politicians get other jobs?

The top 6 professions for political scientists

Table of Contents

  1. NGOs and foundations
  2. City, federal government and politics
  3. International organizations
  4. journalism
  5. Museums and educational work
  6. Internships and freelance work

1) Political scientist in NGOs and foundations

NGOs like Amnesty International and Greenpeace need Political scientist, writing petitions, coordinating regional groups, and more. Have a look at your university to see which one Student initiatives or university groups larger NGOs exist there - or found one new group or initiativein order to get a taste of the work of NGOs and gain initial experience!

2) Occupations in the city, federal government and politics

Cities and universities, for example, also need political scientists for the administration! The ministries are also always looking for political scientists. The easiest way to get a first look is here Internships: Most of them just want to enrolled students give an insight into their working methods and welcome applications at any time.

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3) International Organizations

The NATO, the United Nations or that European Parliament- for many are political scientists international organizations the professional goal. Some masters such as "International Relations"prepare political scientists in particular for work in an international context. Previous ones also play a major role Stays abroad and foreign languages: Take a look at what opportunities your university offers for a stay abroad and whether you can take a language course there.

4) Political scientist in journalism

Do you like to write? Then journalism can also be the right thing for you! For that you have to not necessarily journalism or journalism have studied. Instead, many newspapers or magazines are just looking for it Journalists, the Have an idea of ​​their subject: for example from politics. In addition to an internship, it is also helpful to gain an initial insight into the job freelance work on a blog at your university or a local newspaper. If you then choose journalism, you can gain even more practical experience with a traineeship at the newspaper, radio or television and, with a bit of luck, start working as an editor right afterwards.

5) Museums and educational work

Just like some foundations that are committed to informing more people about politics, museums also have an educational mandate and need it People who do it in an interesting and creative way can! You can easily find out whether this is the right path for you by looking at the Engaging youth work or try yourself out as a trainer.

6) Internships and freelance work

This may not necessarily be your goal at the start of your studies, but you can at Internships or freelance work soon find out that there are many other professions that are interesting for political scientists. A company may need political advisor or a company may be looking for someone to know about the business Structures of international organizations Has. Many political scientists work outside the field, but find what interests them most in it! In addition, you don't have to study political science to actually become a politician. There are many politicians who do without a degree have successfully started a career in politics. Political studies do not qualify for a specific profession, which is why many graduates work in classical studies after their studies Lateral entry professions, such as in politics.