Finding your soulmate means losing yourself

Soulmates - united in the present, but separated by fate

Last update: 10 September, 2016

One song says: "So much time, so many worlds, so much space, and yet we meet." There is no doubt that destiny is ours wonderful opportunities offers, to meet our soulmates - people who are perfect for us, who illuminate our lives and show us a new path.

Soulmates are united by the moment and our soul mate accompanies us on our life path for a certain period of time. Sometimes these are unforgettable months or even years that they bring us. But in the end everything collapses like a house of cards blown over by the wind.

For you this person was the perfect partner. But for indefinable reasons it just wasn't meant to be any longer. Each of us will find this soul mate sometime, whom we meet on the same platform of life, but we have different travel destinations.

Sometimes love just isn't enough to keep a relationship alive, even if you have that relationship with your soulmate. Every now and then there are insurmountable differences or hurdles to hold on to the relationship. This love is called impossible love ’. It prepares us perfect and unforgettable moments, but its end is already predetermined at the beginning of this love.

The importance of life experience and the risk in love

A life without risk and without decision making is a life not lived. It may be that you know from the start that certain experiences will demand a lot from you, that you are aware that leaving your Comfort zone and your everyday security with the Uncertainty of "not knowing what may come" connected is. Likewise, this can mean that you have to take not just one risk, but many risks.

To risk something also means to lose your balance. But with every step in a different direction, we learn something new. We also learn to recover from our setbacks, and thus to continue on our way with more security and confidence in ourselves. It is the same with our soulful relationships, because there are no universal solutions for problems within them. Neither is there a person in this world who is immune to suffering and pain. And that's why it's worth it twice when it comes to relationships thinking about a decision and the risk involved.

Are there really soul mates?

Perhaps as you read the headline of this article, you were thinking of whether such things as soulmates really exist and whether they really have different fates. Because actually soul mates are the same in the soul and it should be their fate to always be together, right? But with such a guess we have to be careful and we should face reality.

There is no such thing as perfect love. We work towards it every day, accept a lot, and invest time and effort in our relationships. And there are also moments when love is not the only answer to all problems, doubts and emotional barriers. In fact, love relationships exist in which we are exposed to a lot of pain. But why is that so? I can only answer this question with many reasons and not with a single reason: lack of understanding, selfishness, immaturity, different interests, etc.

Fate occasionally gives us unique people whom we meet on our path through life and who appear “perfect” to us. But sometimes the end of that love is sealed before it even begins. This soul mate will only accompany us a certain time on our way, and we should savor every moment and every second. Despite everything, you must not forget that you should also be your soul mate yourself. You have to feel this love for yourself as well and cherish and care for it every day so that you don't get out of balance yourself.

How important is it to take a risk in love?

Sometimes we know exactly how important this risk is. A voice deep inside tells us that this relationship has no future, it will only cause us suffering, all short-lived and even painful will be. So do we make a mistake when we risk something?

Of course not. That won't always be the case and you know very well where the limits are and you want to protect yourself. Love is an adventure that is worth living out. And chances are you'll blame yourself your entire life if you didn't risk something for not trying it, not climbing that platform, and holding onto that person who took your breath away.

But nobody knows what will happen in the future. And nobody knows whether this love will last a lifetime or will only be short and intense, and brings you more sorrow than happinessbut all love is worth the effort, believe me. Every moment we live is part of our learning process in life; and a piece of life in which you lived, laughed and cried.

The pain you feel in hindsight will heal time. But it can be more painful to regret not taking the risk than to remember a love that shouldn't have been you. This is the book of life that each and every one of us has to write ourselves every day.

There is no such thing as love without risk in this world. Nothing ventured nothing gained! And even if this relationship with our “presumed” soul mate is not intended to last, it will remain in our memories for a lifetime.

Images courtesy of Tomine