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I cannot meet my friends physically. How can we meet digitally?

We have been meeting regularly for over 30 years. Sometimes on Saturday morning for coffee, sometimes in the evening for a beer, or of course at birthday parties and barbecues. Now Corona is here and we are no longer allowed to do that. How can we still meet?

Of course it helps Whatsapp for short text messages and phone calls. However, the app is not suitable for a group meeting. Especially not when I want to see my friends too. Hence my suggestion: VONAGE. At the moment it doesn't cost anything and works quite well.

How does this work?

Simply go to the link Enter a name for the meeting in the "Meeting Name" field (e.g. "BierMitFreunden4711"). Enter your name below that will be shown later. And then click on “Join Meeting”. In the next screen you can set up your camera and microphone. Important: if you have 2 cameras (e.g. external and one on the laptop) it may be that no picture (or only a crossed-out camera) can be seen. Then click on the button "switch"

So and now press "Join" again and the meeting starts.

How can I invite the friends?

Very easily. In the top right of the meeting there is a large “Invite” button. Click on it and the link to the meeting will be copied to the clipboard. Now send the link to your friends via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook. Beware of FB, but please do not make the message public - otherwise unwanted guests may come here.

Unfortunately the friends are shown as "anonymousUser123" when participating. I haven't found a way to change the name while the meeting is running. The only option is to start the meeting via the basic entry and enter the name there. But then the meeting name must also be entered correctly so that the start works.

Have fun trying. Please give us your feedback here on the comments page.

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