How do you find happiness in life

"Happiness is not a gift from the gods, but the fruit of an inner attitude"

The question of how to find happiness is not easy to answer. However, it cannot be denied that you have to take the first steps yourself on the path to happiness. If you put your hands in your lap and wait for the lucky fairy, you will be seriously disappointed, because happiness is a state that everyone has to achieve on their own. It is not for nothing that the old saying goes "You make your own luck". To find happiness, one has to go in search, actively seize opportunities, and try out life. If people believe that happiness will come their way at some point or knock on the door, they adopt a passive stance. If they wait in vain, they become unhappy - a never-ending vicious circle.

In order to break through this it is necessary to become active yourself. If you are looking for your great love, you should, for example, browse through personals, go to flirt portals or speak to your dream man or woman in real life. If people want a financial blessing, they will hardly find a bulging wallet by the wayside. However, you can put your luck to the test at online in the casino and maybe win the main prize on the slot machines.

"Many people miss the little luck while they wait in vain for the big one"

If you want to experience happiness, you have to open your eyes and ears. Small moments of happiness await us every day in life. Even a beautiful sunrise or the sound of the sea can trigger feelings of happiness. A hug from a loved one, a kiss from a partner or a child's laugh put a smile on our faces. The heart opens and happiness hormones seem to flow through our veins like butterflies. However, if you are busy waiting for the great happiness, you will miss these blissful moments. Over time, you become numb or give in to frustration.

First of all, happiness seekers should internalize one thing: No other person is responsible for their happiness. Anyone who feels unhappy in their life should not go looking for someone to blame. After all, it is up to us to find our happiness and to work on it. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that happiness - as beautiful as it is - is a temporary state. There is no guarantee of lasting happiness in life. After all, life is made up of ups and downs. If you don't get to know the dark side, you can't look forward to the hours of sunshine. For this reason, it is also important to accept a difficult time and not allow yourself to be dragged into misfortune.

It is also important to seek happiness in any situation. If you go through a difficult phase and wait for moments of happiness, you may miss them. The better alternative is to actively search for little things that make our heart beat faster. Living in the here and now means letting go of the past and not waiting for a better future. Rather, the current situation should be experienced consciously.

"Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it"

To actively experience happiness, friends and family are a good source of happiness. If you share your worries and suffering with loved ones, your own burden disappears and you can open your eyes to new experiences of happiness. If happiness is found, you can share it with your loved ones and thereby give twice the weight to the beautiful moment.