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Annual horoscope 2021 - these predictions will give you goose bumps

Annual horoscope 2021: What the astrology experts predict for your zodiac sign

If we had to make a list of pros and cons for this year, the cons would definitely outweigh the odds. No matter what part of the world you lived in 2020, it has probably been a difficult time for you and your loved ones. The good news? According to astrological predictions for 2021, next year looks a lot brighter.

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Experts actually predict that we can expect healing, improvement, and progress. “From an astrological perspective, 2020 was a year unprecedented,” says Aliza Kelly, a New York astrologer and host of the Stars Like Us podcast. "Within a single year, several larger planets formed rare constellations that have not occurred for many years." That was, for example, the often mentioned Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which was last seen in 1982 when a million people went to New York to protest against the nuclear arms race.

Annual horoscope: What changes do astrologers predict for 2021?

"It seems obvious that the astrology of 2021 is a direct response to the devastating developments of 2020," adds Kelly. "And while there are many influential transits to be seen - including the junction of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus - it will be a much 'more normal' year than what we have been through."

2020 turned our lives upside down and 2021 will probably be just as eventful, but in a much more positive way. If this year we have seen our normal lives dismantled, then next year everything looks like there will be technological advances and communities growing together. “On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in the sign of Aquarius and will remain in that sign for most of the next year. Aquarius is a sign that is associated with sudden changes, with nurturing communities, struggling for important content and with technological advances, ”explains astrologer Alice Bell, adding that it seems plausible that our digital way of life is going into will last next year and beyond.

We expect “comprehensive changes on a larger scale” in 2021

As for our collective creativity, there is also good news. "Jupiter and Saturn square with Uranus in Taurus, which means that there is some creative innovation to be expected across all industries, and also to get used to doing business mostly online," added Bell. "We already had a glimpse of the Saturn-Uranus square in spring and early summer 2020 when there were demonstrations against racism, so there will probably be events similar to this again."

In Kelly's view, this activity between Jupiter and Saturn is the start of something huge. "These two celestial bodies connect every 20 years, but what makes this upcoming 'great conjunction' so special is that it heralds the beginning of a new 200-year period," she explains. “Since the early 19th century, Jupiter and Saturn have met exclusively in earth signs and before that in fire and water signs. It has actually been around 800 years since we had the last air age ’. So we will see major changes on a larger scale. How we live, work and - perhaps most importantly - how we cooperate must be well thought out and planned. "

Will we see positive political changes? - that's what astrologers say

This year was determined by politics, and not much will change in that in 2021 either. “There will be widespread need to do things differently, have new types of leadership, and possibly establish a whole new style of leadership,” Bell predicts. “Changes related to all of these things will most likely occur in early 2021, especially in January and February. Then Mars and Uranus meet in Taurus and form a square with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This constellation will promote changes in all areas of life, so the tension can then reach a climax. "

About what political leaders are doing next year should, Kelly also has advice. “At the macro level, governments will need to come together to define common values, particularly on issues such as climate, agriculture, finance and health,” she explains to Vogue. "From an astrological perspective it will be clear that we have collective responsibilities, that our actions have consequences, and that we as inhabitants of this planet must work together to create a better future."

What does a retrograde Mercury mean according to astrology?

Mercury's retrograde motion has a bad rap and is often blamed for everything from losing keys to missing flights (remember what that was?) - something that is easy to relate to frequency in which Mercury retrograde occurs (three or four times a year) and quickly becomes the scapegoat of our frustrations.

However, one should keep in mind that retrograde movements are normal planetary motions, as Kelly emphatically points out. “All planets are retrograde, Mercury is just where it happens most often, so it is the best known in this regard. It is the planet of communication, and if so then looks likeas if it were declining [actually an optical illusion - editor's note. Editorial staff], it can lead to miscommunication, malfunctions and breakdowns. The consequences are neither long-term nor will they ruin your life, but they are annoying. "

Her tip for anyone who is afraid of the phrase “Mercury is retrograde”: “I advise people to change their perspective. Try to focus on words like pondering, reviewing, and remembering by journaling, meditating, or looking at old photos. No matter what you do, don't text your ex - just because you look back doesn't mean they have to relapse. "

When will Mercury be retrograde?

As Bell notes, Mercury retrograde provides a useful time for contemplation, “when life slows down and encourages reflection and review of past projects, jobs, or relationships. It's not exactly a good time to move forward with new plans, but with Mercury retrograde as it progresses through the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, you will be able to see the state of your relationships and find out how to get better with you People can get along and may get rid of certain negative habits within their relationships. Be prepared to talk about problems or frustrations you have with other people. "

The dates for Mercury retrograde 2021: January 30th to February 21st in Aquarius; May 29 to June 22 in Gemini; September 27th to October 23rd in Libra.

Astrology Explains: What Does Retrograde Venus Mean? And why does that mean something?

Venus orbits the Sun more slowly than Mercury - that is, it is retrograde only once every year and a half. In 2021, at the end of the year, it will be under the sign of Capricorn (from December 19 to 29). The impact: changes in relationships and in close friendships. "You could become aware of an imbalance in your relationship with your partner or hear something from a former relationship," says Bell.

According to Kelly, retrograde Venus in 2021 could be related to being able to complete something. “This is the case when Venus goes from an evening star that rises after the sun to a morning star that rises before the sun. The first half of retrograde Venus is often marked by the conclusion of things, especially those associated with Venus such as love, beauty, and money. The second half, on the other hand, is defined by new beginnings. " Her advice: "Avoid making major commitments while Venus is retrograde as your perspective may be skewed during this energetic time."

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