What is the most popular Tesla color

Color trends in the automotive industry:
The psychology behind the 7 most popular car colors

Unbroken success: White (19.5 percent)

You can stage yourself perfectly with a white car. Because white is the color of purity and clarity. And it is still on the rise. In 2015, 624,696 white cars were registered. Only the colors black (875.012) and gray (917.129) were more popular. In other parts of the world, white is already the predominant car paint. In North America, white cars make up 25 percent, in South America even 27 percent.

But white is not necessarily the color for large sleds. The women therefore showed courage for white. Around 23 percent of female owners opted for a white car in 2015, compared to only around 17 percent of men. For small cars, bright and bright colors are more likely to be accepted, especially since they underline the contours of the body, Scheier believes. The increasing number of registrations of small cars could therefore be one of the reasons why white, but also yellow and red can now be seen more often on the streets again. Following color psychology, white car owners are often cautious and dutiful.

Comeback: blue (9.1 percent)

Blue is the favorite color of around 50 percent of humanity. As a car color, however, it was only good until 2006. At that time, a good 565,000 drivers wanted blue paint. In 2015, only 290,000 blue cars were sold. Because blue is associated with sympathy and harmony, but not with speed, so the reasoning by neurospecialist Scheier.

But blue is experiencing a revival: "Digital technologies are massively changing our consumption and lifestyle habits. Due to the Internet of Things, we will in future be in constant conversation with our environment. This interactivity is particularly evident in the blue spectrum. Colors with a technical character often have very complex effects that interact specifically with the incidence of light, "says Mark Gutjahr, Head of Design at the Coatings division of BASF in Europe. "The color range blue plays a very important role here and, contrary to the lower number of registrations in recent years, will increase again."

The different nuances reflect the diverse possibilities of progress: From subtle, bright blue colors to very intense to black-blue color ranges, a lot will appear on the market.

Flower power-colorful and retro: red

"Today we have 'stealth vehicles' on the streets," says Professor Harald Braem, referring to all the black, anthracite-gray or Amalfi-white cars. But that wasn't always the case: In the post-war period, people drove red. The first Porsche 901 respectively 911that was introduced in 1960 was - exactly - red. Red stood for fast, it attracted attention. With the flower power era, colorful models were preferred. And they conveyed the attitude towards life back then: We try everything - from marijuana to hard rock.

The 80s were also colorful - it was a time of optimism, explains Scheier. There were no really big crises, the Cold War created a balance of power without wars. The economy grew. In 2015, almost 200,000 new red cars were registered. The optimism is obviously not quite as great today.

Back to nature: brown (4.7 percent)

From 2010 to 2012, brown was as popular as chanterelles in autumn. For a long time the color was considered stuffy. Or to put it in a more friendly way: brown stood for cosiness. It was actually an unpopular color, says Scheier. Today, however, the color code stands as a counter-trend to the mechanization of our world, he continues. Brown symbolizes naturalness and goes well with trends such as urban gardening or the increasing demand for organic products. In 2015, the Federal Motor Transport Authority counted almost 150,000 vehicles in various shades of brown. In 2015, brown new cars made up only 4.7 percent of all newly registered cars.

Need for Speed: Yellow (1.5 percent)

Sunny yellow shows a zest for life. Not in vain did Ferrari yellow cars in the program. Yellow stands for dynamism, sportiness and determination. And for a pinch of optimism.