What are Travis Scott's best songs

Travis Scott: The rapper's ten greatest songs

Travis Scott, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. Scott's style of music is described as a fusion of traditional hip-hop, lo-fi and ambient.

Scott's first full project, the mixtape Owl Pharaoh, was self-published in 2013. A second mixtape, Days Before Rodeo, followed in August 2014. His first studio album, Rodeo (2015), was led by the hit single "Antidote". His second album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016) became his first number one album in the US charts. The following year Scott released a joint album with Quavo entitled "Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho". In 2018 his highly anticipated album "Astroworld" was released to great acclaim from fans and critics and produced his first number one single on the Billboard Hot 100, "Sicko Mode" featuring Drake. In late 2019, Scott's record label Cactus Jack Records released the compilation album "JackBoys", which became the first number one album on the Billboard 200 of the 2020s.

As of 2020, Scott has sold over 45 million certified records in the US alone. It was nominated for six Grammy Awards and won a Billboard Music Award. Travis Scott is known for his stadium tours and occasional club appearances.

To celebrate his historic moments as well as his overall performance and large catalog of great hits, Popkultur.de highlights the most important Travis Scott songs every fan needs to know.

1. Oh My / Dis Side

Travis Scott's best song isn't a single. At the beginning of “Rodeo,” Travis Scott answers the question most listeners ask themselves on a debut album: Who is this guy and why should I care? “Oh My Dis Side” is a journey, narrative and sonic, the story from Jacques Webster to Travis Scott distilled in six minutes of great music.

Oh My / Dis Side goes from a rapid drive on the highway during rush hour to a chilled, slow drive by the sea at night. The track is the best of both worlds. The production of "Oh My" is an instant catchy tune, with a guitar-heavy beat that slowly fades into a wonderfully relaxing R&B sample melody. There are sensational adlibs from Quavo that adds so much charisma without even having a verse. As soon as you hear - "I'm counting up nothing but Benjamin's right now (Money!)" - you immediately press the repeat button.

2. Drugs You Should Try It

If you hate this song, you are not doing well and you need to go to the doctor right away for a checkup. One word to describe this song: DIVINE. If you've never heard Travis before, it might sound strange at first. But it's all that makes him musically. The distorted voice and the strange beat are what strikes you first. All of these different sounds interlock and make a magical song. The song is ultimately about Travis taking drugs and going through many ups and downs, including ups and downs with a girl in his life who seems to be taking drugs with him. This song is just a masterpiece.

3. Goosebumps

Sure, another song could appear here for the sake of timeliness. After all, “Goosebumps” is so ubiquitous that it can still be heard regularly on the radio, in clubs and on car radios around the world - and that's the point. There's a reason “Goosebumps” is so ubiquitous, so inevitable: It's a damn good anthem made up of the best bits of modern rap with a dash of Kendrick's high-speed rap to make it palatable to purists and neophytes alike close. Even Drake loves the song. It would be easy to pretend the record was already played to death, but it's more fun to get into it and just enjoy the vibe.

4. Sicko Mode

“Sicko Mode” is definitely one of the best rap songs of 2018. The tough single from Astroworld is a banger that delivers monstrous portions of club-heavy beats and strong, catchy verses by Travis and Drake. With an all-star “Avengers” lineup consisting of Drake, Swae Lee, Tay Keith, Hit-Boy and Cubeatz helping with production, Travis was able to create the ultimate “Its lit!” Song, which the fans will celebrate for years to come.

5. 90210

First off I want to say that this is not only one of the best Travis Scott songs, but also one of the best hip-hop tracks of the decade and maybe even of all time. This song has everything Travis Scott is known for. He has the auto-tune, the distorted voice, the beat switch, and the lyrical flow that we know it can deliver.

In the first half of the song, Travis talks about who he was before he became famous and about his struggle to find this "street" where he finds prostitutes, drugs and other things that are not good for him. The smooth, dark production is perfect, while Travis delivers a slow, melodic verse. Kacy Hill also adds some great vocals. In the second half the beat changes and the production is amazing. We hear a piano, drums and a guitar in the background. Travis then raps about his rise and the life he has now that he's famous. He talks a lot about his family and how they were initially against his music, but now they support him because of his success.

6. Antidotes

With its reference to the infamous incident at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, “Antidote” seems to be the last song that La Flame recorded or at least finished for his debut album. Crazy considering it's not only the best track on the album, but also one of the best turn-up jams of 2015.

Without belittling the other big hits on Rodeo, but "Antidote" is the most complete implementation of Travis ‘Attractiveness. It's strange, disturbing - two thirds of the song doesn't even sound like himself - and undeniably gripping. This is night owl music that takes three different directions (all of which are entered through the back door of course), faded marauder music - tailor-made for a night that is anything but inconspicuous. I can't tell you how many funny looks I've gotten because I involuntarily yelled “Poppin pills is all we know!” In public places.

7. Pick up the phone

"Pick Up the Phone" is a Travis Scott song that sounds happy instead of threatening. It's the rare undeniable banger that's also relaxing. The hit was one of the most popular songs of summer 2016, the best listening song in Scott's catalog, the culmination of his already fruitful collaboration with Young Thug, and a track that keeps you looking forward to the first few bars.

Sharing that single with Young Thug could have been one of the smartest stylistic decisions in Travis Scott's career. With its bright, almost tropical synthesizers, the song is such a departure from its usual, darker production style that it could have derailed Birds' musical direction. Working with the cheerful Young Thug, however, allows Travis to indulge in creative experiments, supported by Thugger's lively performance, who combines vocal energy with the liveliness of the beat. Quavo can never go wrong with a feature, so it's the cherry on the cake.

8. Don't play

The louder you play the song, the better it sounds. Co-produced with Vinylz & Rhitter, "Don’t Play" offers hard 808 kicks, snappy claps and snares and a gentle vocal sample from The 1975s track "M.O.N.E.Y.". Together with the phenomenal verses of Scott and Big Sean, this is a real banger!

9. Mamacita

When the heavy bassline kicks in after the distorted guitar hit at the beginning of “Mamacita”, you know it's about to start. The vices La Flame partakes in - drugs, alcohol, sex - are seen in full here as he finds solace in seduction. "Mamacita" also demonstrates the undeniable chemistry between Travis and Young Thug, which was to continue in tracks like "Maria I'm Drunk" and "Pick Up the Phone".

10. No Bystanders

When Travis Scott performs, he doesn't want anyone standing around at his concerts. He wants his fans to freak out, dance and, above all, romp. His Astroworld banger "No Bystanders" stands for this message: Be angry or go home.

In collaboration with Juice WRLD, the single is massively explosive and full of energy thanks to the awesome Sheck Wes chorus "Fuck the club up, fuck the club up (Bitch!)". "No Bystanders" is by far the most exciting track on the album and will be a crowd-pleaser at future concerts.