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On this page our customers report about their experiences and experiences during their Malaysia travels. We hope that this gives you a picture of Malaysia as our customers have seen and experienced it. Have you written a Malaysia travelogue or even created your own website and want to share your experiences? Then we look forward to an email to [email protected]



Boatswain on the longboat in Taman Negara

Laura and Lukas: "The jungle itself was our highlight."

In July 2019 I went on a 2-week trip to Malaysia with my boyfriend. The trip was very exciting and varied, as we were in the larger metropolises as well as in the jungle and on a romantic island.
We started the trip in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The walking tour is highly recommended here. The guide showed us important temples and explained the culture to us. Together we went to restaurants and markets and tasted typical dishes.
Now it got really exciting, we went into the middle of the jungle. Even getting there is very exciting in a small water taxi (with a local flair). We saw water buffalo driving by. The jungle itself was our highlight. From the accommodation to the walking tours, it was a great experience. We saw snakes and spiders too. In the evening you can hear a great background noise.
The last stop was the Perhentian Islands. The beach was very clean and so was it
were sea turtles right in front of our resort. A snorkeling trip to see sharks and colorful fish is a must here.
Everyone who loves adventure and variety should take a trip to Malaysia. (July 2019)

A selfie from our customers in the Cameron Highlands

Astrid and Mira: "Really great experience."

Hello Ms. Vorwerk,
Unfortunately, everyday life has me again, so that I can only now respond to your message. In short, on the way: The tour was a really great experience and just as perfect for us.
The accommodations were well chosen and the transfers - except for the very long drive from the Highlands to the coast - all ok.
Looking back, I am more than happy with the move to the Perhetian Islands. Exactly the type of Tuna Bay was perfect for ending our trip! I would definitely do it again.
I am very satisfied with all the advice / support / organization and will definitely come back to you when I plan my next trip.
Thanks and keep it up! (October 2019)



Temple in Penang

Annegret and Michael: "That was really fun."

We would like to thank you again after a great trip to Malaysia. Despite the unfavorable start (flight to Malaysia about 4 hours late) it turned out to be a wonderful trip. The stays in the hotels in Kuala Lumpur (Villa Samedhi) and in the Tanjong Jara Resort were a dream. All the activities went well and we were able to add a few more.
The people in Malaysia were always very personable, open, friendly and helpful; That was really fun. We will be happy to contact you for further trips!
Best wishes and see you soon! (May 2019)


Brigitte, Heike, Rainer and Tim: "Perfect planning!"

Exploring around the main island of Langkawi

Dear experience malaysia advisors, we really enjoyed our trip and everything you had organized for us worked wonderfully. The selected hotels were great (in the Cameron Highlands we upgraded to a larger room with a view of the jungle), the hotel in George Town was perfect. We really enjoyed the guided city tours, especially that there were only four of us or in a small group. The 3-hour journey to Taman Negara NP by boat is perhaps a bit tedious for "older" travelers, sitting on the floor in a compartment for two, uncomfortable. We did a 4-hour mangrove tour on Lankawi, small boat with benches, that was great. Jungle trekking may also be a bit too strenuous when you have a few more years under your belt and your knees are no longer playing along. I had already suspected that and stayed in the hotel. But swimming by the river and the night hike were further highlights. Thank you very much for the great, perfect planning, we will definitely be using long-distance travel again soon (and we will recommend you to others).
(March 2019)


Relax on Lang Tengah beach

Ariane and Thomas: “The indescribable friendliness of the people. Wow!"

First of all, thank you once again for organizing and making possible such a fantastic tour through beautiful West Malaysia together with the local agency. Travel agency, hotel staff and car rental ensured a smooth, unproblematic round trip. Everyone was very courteous and more than helpful. We have never seen anything like it before. […] Ultimately, the trip far exceeded our expectations. The vacation was breathtaking and very intense. The development of the country is impressive. The people are extremely friendly and extremely open. We made very nice acquaintances in particular on Lang Tengah, where almost only locals spent their holidays due to the holiday season. Overall, the rental car tour and the excursions, which were also almost exclusively carried out by two, provided unforgettable insights into the country and culture.(March 2019)


Kristina: "Carry on like this!"

Penang by bike

This trip was a completely new experience for us. In the organization, in the size of the travel group (4 members), in the good cooperation with Madlen, Melanie and Michaela. The organization of the individual travel modules. The broad experience of the staff who made this trip a highlight.
We experienced gigantic metropolises, but also saw the common people in their wooden huts, the Orang Asli. We will tell a lot about this wonderful trip to our circle of friends and acquaintances and recommend “experience malaysia” and its warm staff!
(November 2018)




The green tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands

Sabine and Arne: "A fantastic experience with all the senses"

On our trip, almost everything went perfectly and as planned, even the weather played along. The team from erbe-malaysia and the partner in Malaysia have done excellent preparatory work so that our 12-day trip through West Malaysia was a great experience. We were also enthusiastic about the friendly and relaxed manner of the people in Malaysia. A great travel destination. […] The next day we were picked up by Vashi - Eco Cameron - in a Land Rover. This tour was well organized, very informative and funny, for which we have to thank our guide. We made great photo stops in the tea mountains, visited the BOH tea factory and the Mossy Forest. Vashi was able to answer all of our questions about plants, fruits, tea cultivation and the ecology of the cloud forest. [...]
In summary, we can say that booking our tour of Malaysia via experience malaysia was a complete success. Gladly again!
(July 2018)


Petrona Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur

Angelika and André: "Everything went very well"

Singapore was the ideal starting point for this trip - from there you can almost “walk around” the Malaysian peninsula in peace and quiet and have a little time to relax on Redang before the finale in KL.
We don't want to miss the trip by long-distance bus from Orchard-Road to Melaka - with three stops (exit and entry, rest stop)! Despite getting up early, it was a very special experience. You get to know nice people, as a European you see again how things go at a “real” border - and the bus also had a funny, worried travel guide included.

Melaka - as an introduction to the original, colonial Malaysia fits perfectly, especially when it's the weekend - because then there is the evening market on Jonker Street. At the street stalls - from wok noodles to dim sum - everything was there.
The takeover of the rental car in the hotel worked perfectly and off we went to the left-hand traffic in the direction of Cameron Highlands. Tip to avoid excessive stress: On Sunday from the motorway exit Tapah on the mountain route via Ringlet to Tanah Rata, what felt like 50,000 cars came towards us - about 5 cars drove with us into the mountains. The Noordin Mews Hotel in Georgetown became dear to our hearts for the next 4 days. Located in an active Chinese trading district, it is amazing how well the hotel (even with a pool!) Fits into the old trading house. Very friendly and courteous hotel staff, every day a little extra greeting on the bed and breakfast made the stay in Penang twice as worthwhile. Also due to the many possibilities, we would recommend everyone to extend one or the other night here. It's really worth it! Not only those who want to eat well and tasty on the street have reached their paradise here. Penang is little Malaysia in this respect! A highlight was of course the historical and culinary bike tour with guide Eddy - a good soul with astonishingly extensive knowledge! You can also see a lot for yourself on the island - the small jungle trail to Kerachut Beach including the Meromitic lake, the Tropical Garden in Teluk Bahang and of course on the Penang Hill. We did not visit the Kek-Lok-Se temple because Eddy said we should remember the temple as we saw it 40 years ago - thanks Eddy !!! After four days and many nice encounters, we went on to the Thai border - to Belum Rainforest. The kitchen was ok and especially the breakfast was really the best that we experienced on our tour! A dream of a tropical island welcomed us, the resorts luckily adapted in and to the landscape. In the second bay (Coral Redang) it was definitely quieter, we got a bungalow with a view of the lake - everything was perfect again! Snorkeling, beach, reading, hiking, a beer resp. Enjoy the Singapore Sling, exchange experiences with other guests - it never got boring during the 5 days on the island! Tip: Island circular hike is not yet possible! There is still a piece of jungle hiking trail missing from the village. In Kuala Lumpur we were welcomed back to full life, a pulsating Asian city. The Anggun Hotel - small but nice - right in the center and only a few steps away from the evening food market, is a good starting point for exploring the entire city center on foot. The culinary tour with our guide Shawn was extremely informative and really fun. Shawn had so much to tell about the local cuisine and the customs of the various religions that the tour - planned until noon - only ended in the late afternoon - and everyone said goodbye happily.
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In conclusion, it is essential to mention that the trip through both agencies - Happy Trails and experience - far travel - was really well organized. You felt you were in good hands in the chosen “corset” and still had enough space to realize your own ideas and plans. A big thank you for that !!!
(April 2018)


Temple in Penang

Erwin and Claudia: "The entire trip was a highlight"

This time there were many highlights of various kinds, as the entire trip was a highlight in itself. If we had to decide on a highlight, then George Town and Noordin Mews would be closely followed by Ipoh and the M Boutique Hotel, as this “town” is, in my opinion, a MUST that has not yet been recognized in Malaysia. The guide out of passion (Raja) is of course awesome as a walking encyclopedia for the history of Ipoh and local knowledge.
The whole trip was an all-round success for us and we saw the wishes we had expressed before being implemented to the utmost satisfaction. The entire organization of the transfers and the on-site support through Happy Trails was just great! Very well done!
(February 2018)




Mulu National Park caves

Andreas and Clara: "Not the last trip with long-distance adventure travel"

Almost 3 weeks in Malaysia were on our summer vacation program this year, first 9 days in Borneo and then 10 days in West Malaysia - or in other words, we had two eventful weeks in Borneo, in KL, the Cameron Highlands and Georgetown, as well as a few relaxing days afterwards Langkawi.
Our young children could finally sleep in and swim in the pool and the sea - after a tight program with often getting up early, but instead many exciting and varied excursions (Mulu caves, river safaris, city tours, bike tours, jeep tour, tea fields + Mossi Rainforest) .

We had almost no rain, saw various monkeys and crocodiles as well as elephants, took the Penang Hill Railway and the cable car to Langkawi and walked the numerous steps of the Batu-Cave. There was way too much to eat - but it was very varied and also quite inexpensive for families.
What else is there to note: We were amazed to see so many Dutch people here (compared to larger Germany) and the Malays with their Chinese, Arabic or Indian roots are a friendly multicultural people. Driving was also fun, you drive (according to my wife) on the wrong side, but very considerate.
With our stopovers in Dubai and on Borneo in Miri, we had a total of 11 flights, which was sometimes exhausting but also necessary for our program, we cannot recommend Air Asia (quite late, narrow rows of seats).
We have fond memories of the hotels in Kuching and Georgetown, Langkawi seems to have had better days - there are more options here. But bathing was very nice.
The guides were very individual: the city tour with Winni was interesting (culinary alone), but filled with too much information, a Chinese temple (instead of 2) would have been enough and instead a few more sights (e.g. the mosque nearby). The guides Abbas at Sukau and the one at the tea plantations and Mossi Forest (name unfortunately forgotten) were great, the cave guru a bit lazy and Georgetown by rickshaw is a city of contradictions, but absolutely worth seeing.
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After Costa Rica, Thailand and Cuba it was our fourth vacation with long-distance travel and probably not the last, it is fun to travel individually in a distant country, although of course it has its price. Many Thanks!
(August 2017)


Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Ines and Frank: "A compliment to long-distance travel"

We were in Singapore and Malaysia at the end of November / beginning of December. Singapore for the 2nd time, this time for 3 days. First got an overview in the ferris wheel, then strolled through the city, went to Sentosa Island, made a boat tour on the Singapore River and in the evening went to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and enjoyed the park behind with the illuminated glass trees. The Albert Court Hotel can be recommended. The room was clean, big enough, quiet and not worn out. Practical: a Czech brewery directly opposite 🙂 You can also dare to go to the Chinese and Indian food courts.

Everything is a bit bustling and noisy, but as a European you can also find your well-tolerated and very cheap food (spicy!).
Then we took the intercity bus to Melakka (approx. 4 hours). At the end of our stay we got the pre-ordered rental car delivered and drove from there to the Cameron Highlands to the tea plantations. Long distance, left-hand traffic, but everything is fine. For tourists, the cars are equipped with GPS and automatic systems - TOP. The trip to the tea plantations and the moss forest was still interesting. Huge, lush green fields with tea, tea and more tea. According to the local travel guide, the quality of the Malay tea is not the best ... - we still liked it. We bought some for home from the tea factory, of course. In the moss forest it was very humid and cold, up to an altitude of 2000 m. It was delicious again in the afternoon in the area, as there is also other agriculture there (fruit and vegetable cultivation): we had fresh strawberries in December 🙂 !! ! The locals also use the fresh offers and go there in droves at the weekend. So: always huge traffic jams at the weekend ...
From there we drove to Ipoh and we really liked this city. It is modern and has been stamped out of the jungle in the colonial style. You can see many buildings by the English - town hall, train station, cricket field, etc. The Chinese temples built into the rocks were also impressive. The natural caves were lined with concrete and adjusted accordingly - HUGE !!! We had a so-called boutique hotel on the outskirts / industrial area. Very chic, but a long way into town. Again, very tasty Indian food and cheap on a street corner.
It went on into the rainforest. In any case, we had a very nice hotel: lots of greenery, bamboo, wooden walkways, sun terraces, infinity pool.Everything is nicely embedded in the natural environment in the style of huts etc. Very delicious food.
On Langkawi, a really fantastic white beach with palm trees and a great hotel awaited us. The lobby of the hotel was large and airy, built with beautiful dark wood. Very nice, courteous staff, reasonable prices. We had only booked with breakfast and always ate delicious and cheap in the very nearby town in the evenings. Fresh fish is highly recommended.
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In any case, I would like to praise Erlebe-Fernreisen: everything worked out wonderfully, there were no failures or delays, the people from the agencies on site were nice and helpful, the modules offered can be linked together really well and individually. CONCLUSION: Gladly again! :-))
(December 2016)


During the dinner cruise near Langkawi

Christian and Kathrin: "Absolutely convincing!"

I greet you, Ms. Vorwerk!
We actually enjoyed the trip to Malaysia very much! [..] Our upgrade in Teman Negara, Cameron Highlands and Georgetown was really indescribably beautiful and was even surpassed by the hotel on Langkawi !!
The excursions all worked perfectly and were also very nice! We just found it a shame that the tea plantations in the Highlands were so overcrowded. Such a beautiful place is losing its flair due to mass tourism and garbage! Of course you can't help it, I just wanted to bring it up. On the other hand, the dinner cruise on Langkawi was really a great excursion and very tasty! That is absolutely recommendable!
We were absolutely convinced of your planning and know-how! Everything worked wonderfully and we are very happy to have booked with erbe Fernreisen !! Our next trip should go to Italy and we would like to do that via your platform. The service from erbe Fernreisen was absolutely convincing, thank you very much!
(December 2016)


Tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands

Bernd, Heike and Lena: "Our Malaysia trip"

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for the excellent travel organization. There is not the slightest point of criticism; everything worked great. Some information about the itinerary:
Kuala Lumpur:
The hotel is exactly the right choice at the beginning of a trip to the Far East. A good and clean place to stay in the middle of China Town. If you get out of the car in front of the hotel late in the evening after a long flight, you may have some concerns, but these will quickly disappear after entering the hotel. The best thing is to go to the bar on the opposite side of the street for a beer after the luggage is in the room; and you have arrived completely. The city tour was very good; the guide pleasant and engaging; no doubt he loves his China Town and Little India. We were lucky enough to be alone. With a larger group, the tour might have been a little less informative.

Cameron Highlands:
The journey went smoothly. It was a gain to find your way around the bus station in Kuala Lumpur and to be able to watch the goings-on there. The accommodation at Strawberry is superb. Nice premises and very friendly staff. I travel all over the world a lot for work and would rate the Strawberry as a high business standard. The tour to the butterfly farm and the tea plantations may not be exactly exciting, but it is informative and rewarding. Here, too, praise for the guide.
Belum Park:
We had a very talkative and friendly driver who could tell us a lot about Malaysia and life in this country. So the trip was entertaining and we learned a lot. Belum Resort is as comfortable as Strawberry; the staff not quite as open-minded and cheerful. A stronger Islamic influence is obvious. But that is also part of such a trip and is not a negative point. The boat trip is fun and so are the two small hikes that go with it. A very hard-working guide was able to explain a lot despite some language problems. However, we would not visit the Orang Village again. The visit there is quite embarrassing and smacks of a human zoo.
Penang: As expected, the transport there went well. We used the first day to explore the island. At Tropical Spice Garden there is an excellent Thai restaurant called "Tree Monkey". The food is excellent and you can watch families of monkeys in the trees all around while enjoying themselves. That the "Hop On, Hop Off" buses stop running later in the evening is not a problem. With the 101 or 102 bus you can travel cheaply and comfortably from the restaurant back to the city center. On the second day it was the turn of the city center. The Kek Lok Si Temple is particularly recommended. The blaze of colors and the happy music there is nice and you like the somewhat kitschy environment for European eyes. Accommodation in the Banana is definitely preferable to a modern hotel. It just fits better with the China Town environment. Simple, clean and with a distinct historical flair. The energetic lady (presumably the owner) at the entrance reinforces the pleasant character of the accommodation.
Langkawi: The right place to relax after an eventful trip. The speed boat is pretty shabby. I myself went to sea for 10 years, which is why I spontaneously came up with the term “seller of souls”. But it doesn't matter, the crossing only takes about 2.5 hours and you can go on deck in between. The beach hotel is first class. You don't need any more words.
(March 2015)
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Cocktail at the beach resort

Tanja, Katja and Azra: "Optimal route planning for Malaysia"

Hello Mrs. Ellinger,
We felt very comfortable and had a really great time in Malaysia. Nature, people and the different impressions we got were very beautiful in their own way and made our vacation unforgettable. Our route was put together optimally and the transfers as well as the accommodations were all to our satisfaction. We sometimes had difficulties getting to the various accommodations with our suitcase. Now we are of course smarter and will start our next vacation with a backpack. Otherwise we can really say that we were very satisfied with your commitment with regard to the planning of our trip and the vacation itself! Since the travel bug for distant countries has now seized us, we will be happy to come back to experience long-distance travel again next year.
(August 2013)


Thea: "A good impression of the country"

Traditional hotels in Melaka

It was wonderful to get such diverse impressions of Malaysia without any stress. Although we only saw five different stations in Malaysia, we got a good impression of the country and were close to the people. The hotel in Melaka was a real highlight. This hotel in an old Chinese shophouse was very stylish and a real experience. Transfers and means of transport were all great, the two private drivers that we had (on the private transfers) were a real asset to our trip because they told us a lot about the country and answered our many questions very competently and in a friendly manner. Especially the lady from Kuala Terengganu who picked us up from Taman Negara was an incredibly competent, pleasant tour guide. Malaysia is wonderfully easy to travel to, because the people speak great English, are very, very friendly and open-minded and everything is very well organized. We will be happy to go back again and look forward to it.
(August 2013)


Experience monkeys in Malaysia

Leo: "Fancy tea and strawberries"

Hello Mrs. Ellinger,
Just back from our trip to Malaysia, I don't want to miss to thank you very much for the good advice in preparing the perfect organization. All travel components and especially the individual transports were perfectly organized and we were able to spend a great time in Malaysia. The only downer, but more than a hint for you: The desire for tea in the Cameron Highlands was somewhat impaired by the fact that the processing factory is closed on Mondays and therefore could not be visited. The local guides of the tour managed it quite elegantly and so there was a desire for strawberries.
However, that couldn't detract from our overall impression: We'll be happy to remember this experience for a long time to come!
(August 2013)


Perhentian Island is a true paradise

Dagmar: "First long-distance trip in Asia"

We found the arrangement of the trip for us (2 married couples) to be perfect. It's difficult to make a decision (which was the best thing about the trip). The week on the Perhentian Island was fantastic. The jungle experience in the Tamara Negara reserve was no less impressive. All 3 cities were exciting, but Melaka had the greatest charm. We were a bit disappointed by the Cameron highlands with their huge areas full of plastic greenhouses.
During the planning phase, I felt very well looked after by your employee. She patiently responded to all change requests. The documents sent were very detailed. They gave me the necessary security to calmly look forward to such a rather unusual journey. The vouchers were clearly structured and were always accepted at all locations without any restrictions. We took this trip together with a couple of friends. All four would endorse my positive remarks above without any ifs or buts. It was an unforgettable experience - exactly the right mix of recreational and educational travel and we will live on it for a long time to come.
(July 2013)


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