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The Caveman Face Therapy: Treating Acne Naturally

Never? so tired of trying so many unsuccessful acne treatments, don't just wash your face at all to consider Now, believe it or not, washing your face may not be the best treatment for your acne! Not washing your face is often referred to as the "caveman regimen" and many acne sufferers have had great success with it.

Couldn't you wash your face like your skin is erased? For many people, skin care products - even the gentlest ones - only worsen acne by upsetting the skin's natural PH balance and removing its protective acid mantle. If we leave our skin alone (no makeup, no soaps or moisturizers, and even little or no water), our skin naturally reverts to its slightly acidic pH. This acid is protective as bacteria have a harder time growing in an acidic environment. However, most detergents tend to be mildly or even very alkaline. In order to try to restore it's acid, the skin produces sebum (oil) which ultimately causes acne when it is overproduced. So you better just not wash your face at all and let it do what it naturally wants to do.

If you want to try the caveman cure, there are several guidelines that you will wish to follow:

Do not use any products. This means no detergents, moisturizers, oils, or other products.

Don't use makeup. Aside from the fact that it contains chemicals, you'll have to somehow wash it off, which of course can't. If you need to use some makeup, just use eye or lip makeup that you can safely remove without the surrounding skin.

Don't let water touch your face anymore. Even water will disturb your skin's pH balance and acid mantle. This can be a bit challenging, especially in the shower. Just do your best. A little water won't hurt - just don't try to enjoy your skin.

Be patient. When you start from the caveman regime you will likely experience an outbreak. When you start the caveman cure it's like your skin is getting off a treadmill. It's gotten used to producing extra oil to replace the oils that your detergent strips away. So even if you've stopped using detergents, your skin continues to overproduce oil and things may be a bit greasy for a while. But the heart, the skin, will eventually learn that it doesn't have to produce that much oil. Give your skin 3 to 6 months to balance its oil production.