Is HTML compiled or interpreted

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which of the following languages ​​we interpreted and which compiled and where is the difference?

- Java Server Pages (JSP)
- JavaScript
- Pearl

Thanks if anyone can explain that :)
According to Wikipedia, JSP is a somewhat special case, the others are interpreter languages.
Source code is not converted into executable code but interpreted.

Internally, PHP also compiles in bytecode. It can also be cached with, for example, APC.

The new JavaScript implementations do this too. Native code does not generate any of the four languages ​​directly.
Source code is not converted into executable code but interpreted.
There are compilers too.

But in the end it doesn't matter whether there is a compiler or interpreter in between. Or both. I mean, the quality and ability of a language doesn't depend on it. So I thought so far, maybe I'm wrong too ..: D

In the past, the distinction was pretty clear, but now it doesn't really matter or it mixes up a lot. For example, C # is something in between. As in C / C ++, the code is compiled and an .exe is created. However, this is all the more interpreted by the .NET Framework. The programmer does not notice this very much, however.
What is actually more important for a programming language is what the syntax check takes place. If possible, this should always be done at design time, if possible immediately while typing using syntax highlighting and not just during execution. There is nothing more deadly than small syntax errors in an error handler that you forgot to test when nothing works and nobody knows why.

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