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Australia I am thinking about receiving againFugitive Now the situation is different. The government no longer pays for the money, but the citizens pay for it directly!

Australian Government Consider giving citizens the option to pay directly to host refugees

The epidemic is not completely over yet, Australia has a severe labor shortage and immigrant numbers have fallen significantly.

In response, the government said it would consider easing immigration policies and hope that more immigrant applicants will be able to return after the border opens.

In order to increase the population, however, the government not only wants to ease immigration, it also wants to take in more refugees. This time the method used is different than before!

In the past, the resettlement, welfare and subsidies of refugees after their entry were funded by the government. Although the money was spent on taxpayers, at least that amount was provided from the budget.

But this time the government wants to take in refugees in a completely different way. It is no longer state funding, but taxpayers have to pay directly!

It is understandable that after the epidemic the government rattled badly, the budget deficit was too high and could not take in refugees ...

So I developed one such method, based on Canada's community-funded refugee model. Private groups or social organizations directly bear the financial and relocation costs of humanitarian refugees!

Isn't it amazing to say that government action, citizens paying the bill and the kind that pays direct ...

Advantages of privately funded refugees

The government's explanation of why private groups and social organizations directly bear the financial cost of hosting refugees is as follows.

Alison Larkins, the general coordinator of the Federal Immigration Service, based on Canada's model of refugee organization combined with actual national conditions in Australia, wrote a plan and submitted it directly to Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke.

In this plan, Li expressed a number of benefits from privately subsidizing refugees.

First, refugees entering Australia on a humanitarian basis face more socio-economic disadvantages than other immigrants, especially in the labor market.

38% of humanitarian refugees still cannot find work after three years of relocation because they cannot achieve the skills and occupations necessary for their careers.

In contrast, in Canada's privately funded refugee model, 70% of recipients can earn income in the first year while only 40% of government-funded refugees can earn income.

If you are ready to be funded by the government, refugee self-improvement is not very good at nurturing and motivating refugees. On the contrary, due to the large amount of subsidies, they can still live well even if they cannot find a job.

On the contrary, under private funding, refugees receiving benefits will feel more urgent, work harder to learn skills, and seek to integrate into local society.

Hence, immigration officials believe Australia should learn from the Canadian model of refugee introduction and allow private groups and social organizations to host refugees directly to help refugees integrate more quickly into Australian society.

Whether it is a question of easing immigration or taking in refugees will of course only be discussed once the Australian borders are open.

How much economic value can refugees create for Australia compared to immigration liberalization?

If you want to restore the economy, the contribution of immigrants should be greater ...

The final problem is that in the past the government paid and spent taxes on taking in refugees, but the taxpayers' opinions obviously couldn't influence the government's decision, but it still will now that it is really privately funded take in so many refugees into the country?

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