Are ICF trainers wider than LHB trainers

Nora Weber wrote:

@Norbert Meyer The therapy relevance does not expire for your patient, just because the special prescription requirement for the diagnosis MS was only specified for the diagnosis group CN. The therapy relevance is still determined by the prescribing doctor and not a list created for the general public!

The limitation to the maximum amount per prescription is actually annoying in some cases - but your patient is a classic case in which an individual application for long-term treatment needs is submitted to the responsible health insurance company. We have already waved through a lot of individual exams.

A therapy report can of course also be helpful here, where, for example, the therapy requirement is supplemented with suitable ICF codes, where the focus is not on the diagnosis, but rather the everyday-relevant limitations of functionality are explained (e.g. d4602 "Moving around outside of your own apartment and other buildings "). Furthermore, the social history and the therapeutic ability can be recorded here. Of course, this makes a lot of effort, but in this case it should be more time spent than being able to change something in the Ministry of Health.

The information on the application for long-term therapeutic needs can be found here: link