What is the soul purpose of life

Melanie Rentmeister

If you are ready to let go of everything that is no longer useful, we will resolve this at the end of the session. We keep everything that your soul has learned from these experiences in your chronicle, but let go of the heavy negative energy that no longer helps you. We also focus on unresolved difficult or traumatic experiences, creating a state of balance and inner peace that allows you to more easily see these experiences as closed. It's a wonderful experience.


I will give you a homework assignment that you will read out loud once for at least 3 days. It contains a clear statement from you that you are ready to come completely into harmony with your soul and to let go of all obstacles and to dissolve them. Your conscious mind as well as your subconscious mind are reminded to implement these intentions.


And it is very important that you alone take responsibility for your better future. That you know that your new decisions and your everyday actions determine your path when you follow your soul. This will be much easier for you after our conversation. You yourself are the authority in your life, and you have a universe that accompanies you with joy every day to unfold in your whole light.


We will dissolve the no longer necessary blockages, limiting beliefs, oaths, karmic patterns and energetic attachments. This will enable you to strengthen your connection to your higher self and to the highest source and to feel it better. You will experience more balance, more energy and positivity again. You will feel more and more light in your soul.



  • Free audio recording for you.
  • Homework document