How do I wash black jeans

Household tip Washing jeans - this is how it works

Your new jeans should look good and sit comfortably for as long as possible. It is therefore important that you wash your jeans properly. We have summarized everything about the right program, the corresponding number of degrees & more in the article.

Jeans are probably one of the most popular items of clothing in Germany. Both men and women usually have more than one copy in their closets. In order to enjoy your favorite jeans for a long time, it depends on the right care. Some jeans fans, such as Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., supposedly never washes his jeans. But does that make sense?

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Washing Jeans - How Often Is It Necessary?

Jeans are robust and jackets, shirts or blouses made of denim are also very resistant. It is therefore not necessary to wash them after each use. Often it is enough to ventilate them outside overnight and remove small stains with a soft brush or cloth and some water.

The less often a pair of jeans is washed, the longer it will last. Because with each wash, the fabric becomes thinner and the jeans lose some color. If it is washed too often or incorrectly, it can lose its fit and wear out.

It is usually enough to wash your jeans once you've worn them five to six times. However, if the jeans have no stains and do not smell unpleasant, they do not need to be washed in the washing machine.

Instructions: wash jeans properly

  • Empty all pockets
  • It is best to only wash jeans together with other jeans. They should all be of a similar shade. Otherwise, add colored laundry in a matching color. (More about sorting laundry correctly.)
  • Turn the jeans inside out.
  • Close buttons and zippers.
  • Choose a Gentle or delicate cycle. Some machines also have an extra jeans program. The spin program should have a maximum of 1000 revolutions per minute, with stretch jeans only 700.
  • Wash jeans at 30 degrees. This is especially true for stretch jeans with a percentage of elastane. Heavily soiled jeans made of pure cotton can occasionally be washed at 60 degrees.
  • Use a liquid mild detergent or color detergent. If you want to wash black jeans, use a special black detergent. Heavy-duty detergents, on the other hand, contain bleaching substances and can damage jeans.
  • In any case, do not use fabric softener. This protects the colors and the elastane fibers in stretch jeans.

If the jeans have rivets or rhinestones, it is better to put them in one Laundry bag. This also applies to jeans in the so-called “used look”, i.e. with holes and patches.

Washing new jeans: this should be considered the first time

Before you wear your new jeans, you should wash them once through. Although the trousers have already been industrially washed, dust and dirt particles may have accumulated on the fabric during transport or in the shop. Plus, you don't know who's tried on the pants before you, so it's more hygienic to wash a new pair of jeans before putting them on.

However, as new jeans can rub off quickly, you should not wash them together with other clothes. The same applies here: If possible, only wash with other jeans of the same color.

To prevent staining, you can turn the jeans into one for a few hours before washing them for the first time Mixture of water and vinegar insert. Then wring the jeans out and put them straight into the washing machine.

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Don't wash jeans - is that possible? Overview of alternatives

If you don't want to put your jeans in the washing machine, you can fall back on various alternatives. These protect the material, which means that the jeans will probably last longer.

The first alternative to the machine wash cycle is of course this Hand wash. This is gentler because temperature and friction usually do not have as much effect on the fabric. Simply wash your jeans in the sink or bathtub with warm water. You can remove stains with a little soap and a soft cloth. Do not rub too hard to avoid damaging the fabric.

Alternatives if you don't want to wash your jeans include:

  • Spray your jeans with salt water. Then put them in a plastic bag and put it in for 24 hours freezer. The cold kills the bacteria so that odors are neutralized.
  • If you have a dryer, take advantage of that Ventilation function of the device. Put the jeans in with a dryer sheet and ventilate them well for about 20 minutes.
  • You can use your jeans too steam cleaning. Simply hang the garment up during a hot shower or bath in the bathroom. The steam smooths the fabric and makes unpleasant smells disappear.

After washing: dry jeans properly

To protect the material, jeans should be best dried lying down become. It is best to spread the pants out on a clothes horse and put it in the fresh air.

Danger: Direct sun should be avoided, it can damage the material.

In addition, jeans (except for airing) do not belong in the dryer. Due to the high temperatures, they could actually enter there. In addition, the jeans are exposed to additional friction in the dryer, which can make the material porous.

By the way: Jeans usually don't need to be ironed. Simply smoothing out is enough. When you put them on, the jeans adjust themselves perfectly to the leg. If you really want to iron the trousers, turn them inside out.

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