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Data protection in social networks: See and be seen

The most important information about data protection in social networks in brief

  • Basically are Social media platforms and data protection difficult to reconcile: the so-called "Privacy dilemma" results from the fact that Facebook and Co. always a bit of the extroverted self-expression serve.
  • The Privacy settings are the alpha and omega of the Data protection in social networks as best as possible. Take the time to do this check and set carefully.
  • It's not just about Your own data protection: In social networks you also need the rights other members eighth - about that Right to your own picture.
  • At the Social media monitoring There are a few things to consider when it comes to data protection: Personal data is only allowed collected, stored and used if their owner is in it consented has or if she public are. When in doubt is one Anonymization to undertake.

More on the topic: Specific advice on data protection in social networks

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Data security and data protection in social networks: tips for users

Data protection and social media: Isn't that a Contradiction in itself? In fact, they stand Basic principles both concepts mutually mostly in the way. The principle "Only share what you still want to find about you on the Internet in ten years" is enough limited off to social networks in terms of data protection on the Internetsafe to use.

Following counselor explains which measures are useful. However, one thing is clear in advance: Would you like a certain Data protection standard reach in social networks are Self-discipline and investment of time necessary.

Before signing up: basic considerations

Before you get into a login to social network, you should determine which expectations You have to participate in the network. Shall your Friends You can find? Would you also like to Strange Contact?

Often times you can get through one careful registration process any data protection problems from the outset exclude. Therefore it is recommended:

  1. one for each network separate email address to use. On the one hand, this represents a larger one expenditure but protects yours privacy significant.
  2. Think carefully about whether you are with your Real name or a pseudonym want to occur - the latter is only at some social networks obligatory.
  3. in advance to be determinedwhat you want to achieve with the profile: Should it be a purely private profile his or her is one business use intended?
Resist that too temptation, randomly every possible profile as a friend to add.

Privacy settings: A must on Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Extensive, nerve-wracking and time-consuming: many Social media users forego setting the Privacy optionsbecause of them this too expensive occurs.

But exactly in this one Adjustment maze hides the possibility of the best possible data protection in social media to guarantee.

Pay particular attention when doing this The following points:

  • Make your profile invisible to search engines: Many social media platforms offer this option - but the settings are sometimes hidden. If necessary, contact the Help center of the network.
  • Visibility of contact details: Unless you use the account for business, you should provide your contact information not visible to anyone do.
  • Visibility of your content: Posts, profile pictures, photo albums ... in most networks you can choose exactlywho can see certain content. Here the premise applies: The less the better.
Even if it laborious is: It is worth all the setting options to be checked and adjusted if necessary. Data octopuses usually rely on users to expose their data Convenience not protect.

Know your rights - and enforce them!

Even if social networks operate worldwide and are mostly based in other countries: In this country you have to stick to the German law adhere to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). This says not onlythat one Data protection must be available, but also that users collect their data and the terms and conditions contradict must be able to. However, such a contradiction usually results in one Deletion of the affected account.

Hardly one Rule of law is injured more often than that on Facebook, Twitter and Co. Right to your own picture. Were photos of you without your consent published, you are entitled to their deletion. This goes out Section 22 of the Art Copyright Act (KunstUrhG) emerge.

First of all, you can use the uploading person with a reference to your privacy ask to remove the picture. Takes place within a reasonable time no reaction, you can see the picture report to the operator of the platform.

Also takes place here no reaction, you can get one consult a lawyer. You have a right to your data protection in social networks under the law is observed.

Stay social: It's not just your privacy that matters

consider it: Not only do you strive to make your Data protection in social networks to guarantee. Because of this, the Dealing with third-party data within the network as well important. The platforms offer more than one possibility to share foreign data.

So many social networks offer, according to possible contacts to search - but you have to find your directory upload. With this step you enter the Email address all of your contacts.

Uploading photosthat show other people should not be done without consultation. This also applies to that "To mark" of people in photos, which for example Facebook offers.

Likewise, you should the You're welcometo delete a photo that shows the data subject, comply as soon as possible.

It doesn't work without control

All of the above Tips help you achieve one possible safe start in social networks. However, that requires Preservation of your data protection likewise that you do regularly Reviews carry out.

Check whether the Privacy settings have changed whether photos have been uploaded by you without your knowledge and whether or not your Friends list Profiles have crept into you not knowing and with whom you have no contact.

Pay attention to data protection in social media monitoring: Companies have to be careful

The Evaluation of the content of social networks - "Social media monitoring" - one gets to know rapid upswing. Recognizing trends, analyzing opinion leaders and anticipating the future: That new business model promises those companies that delve into the matter a significant one Market lead.

But what about that privacy from when social networks to Source of information number 1 become?

The following are the most important aspects illuminated.

The crux with personal data in detail

Personal data are in Germany by the Federal Data Protection Act specially protected. In principle, these information are only collected, processed and stored if their owner (i.e. the person to whom the data relates) in it consents.

But Section 29 BDSG further determines that personal data then be used allowed if

[…] The data can be taken from generally accessible sources or the responsible body is allowed to publish them, unless the legitimate interest of the data subject in the exclusion of the collection, storage or modification obviously predominates

So this regulation allows the use all of the information that a social media user has public for everyone makes accessible. This shows how important it is careful settings to ensure data protection in social networks.

Companieswho rely on social media monitoring, there is a another option available: you can also then private personal data if you use this anonymize.

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Data protection in social networks: See and be seen
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