When do we deploy our national flag?

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What is a flag?

The flag or its synonym flag is a single or multi-colored, mostly rectangular piece of fabric that is provided with pictures or symbols and is usually attached to a flagpole or a flagpole. Flag stands for tradition, community and solidarity. The flags have been known since ancient times, their symbolism has developed over the centuries, but has always been strongly associated with military battles, in order to ultimately become a sanctuary during religious events. Flag still means belonging and as such it has been sanctioned as the state symbol of every country in the world.

The Germany flag

The flag of the Federal Republic of Germany is officially called the federal flag and is our national flag. The German flag consists of three horizontally equal black, red and gold stripes. The colors black, red and gold did not establish themselves as German national colors until the first half of the 19th century. The color combination black-red-gold was already used in 1813 in the wars of liberation against Napoleon. Black was supposed to serve as a sign of dark bondage and the red stood for the shed blood. The gold in the Germany flag should signal the light of freedom, which should be achieved. The Germany flag can be used by every citizen.

Print Germany flags and other flags in different sizes and styles

Germany, like every country in the world, has a national flag. The print motifs for country flags are known and nothing can be tinkered with. However, you can have your Germany flag printed by us in any size imaginable and with the desired configuration. All you should do is make sure that your print file is of good quality and proportionate to the real size of the flag. In order to avoid quality losses when printing your Germany flag, please ensure that the graphics have the correct resolution.

The so-called trimming is very important when creating files. Depending on the size of the flag, you should always create a safety margin, which in plain language means that the artwork must be slightly larger than the finished product. Lastly, the choice of file format is very important. The safest way to save the print motifs for your national flags is the PDF format, as it was specially developed for data exchange between graphics programs and prepress systems.

Print the Germany flag and assemble it as you wish

If you adhere to these guidelines, we will produce a high-quality Germany flag in any size for you. Depending on your needs, we can assemble your German flag or a flag from all over the world. With the right assembly, you can hang your Germany flag, attach it to a flagpole or place it on a pole. For Germany flags that are to be attached to a flagpole with an arm, we sew carabiners every 50cm on the left and a tunnel of your choice at the top. The remaining sides are sewn with a hem, which gives your Germany flag a neat finish.

If you would like to print a Germany flag for a flagstick, we will sew a tunnel on the left, which will be closed at the top. This means that your Germany flag cannot slip on the stick. In our shop you will of course find further assembly options. So you can have your Germany flag printed and tailor it according to your wishes. Our team of consultants is available to answer any questions you may have.

Design your own national flag for sporting events

There is probably no other occasion, apart from the official state events, where the national flags are so popular. The national flags can be found at sporting events of all kinds, from football matches to Olympic Games to ski jumping. The fans are proud of their athletes and with the national flag they want to show their presence and also emphasize the solidarity with their own country. The national flags are provided with additional motifs especially for such sporting events. The fans encourage their sports heroes with printed slogans, declare love and promise endless support, even if something goes wrong. We are the right partner for you for such projects. We print every flag in the world for which we receive the appropriate artwork. There are no limits to your design and you can order your flag in any size and shape.