Is Jason Jordan really Kurt Angle's son

His son is 28! - WWE Star Kurt Angle: Suddenly Dad!

Hurray, baby there!

Kurt Angle is a former Olympic Champion, former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer - now he's a dad too. At 48!

For weeks there have been rumors of a mysterious secret from WWE star Kurt Angle. Last night he wanted to clean the table on the TV show “RAW” (Wednesday, ProSiebenMaxx).

The fans puzzled their heads sore in the last few weeks: Did he have an affair with the boss? An affair with his ex-boss? Or even an illegitimate child?


Kurt Angle confessed tonight that he had an affair when he was young - it became a child. He only found out about this in the past few weeks.

But now comes the hammer! His son is of course a wrestler - and also competes for the WWE! What a coincidence.

His son is Jason Jordan (28) - member of the American Alpha tag team.

In the ring, the two hugged, fell into each other's arms. The reaction of the fans: rather cautious!

In an interview for WWE that night, Jordan said, “I found out in college that I was adopted. It was a shock. Now I understand the reasons. I am happy."


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