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Did Naruto REALLY fall in love with Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie?

Here is a very good post from Chennyyeo that addresses your question too The Last - Naruto The Movie can answer.

Your theories and explanations

  • proves that the film doesn't contradict the manga (and it's actually Canon material) and
  • to explain Naruto's feelings (that he did NOT fall in love with Hinata in the movie, but his romantic feelings for her recognized Has)

As a child, Hinata wrote his ( Naruto ) Name on a piece of paper and started getting happy

In this scene in the movie: (Spoiler)

'Iruka Umino tells his students to write down the name of a person they would like to be with if the world ends that day. Although Naruto tries to be tough on Sakura Haruno, she ignores him for Sasuke. While Hinata isn't sure who to write to, she sees Naruto making a paper airplane with his paper, which leads to Iruka berating him. Naruto goes on to say that he has no friends or family and that the world is not going to end. When Hinata sees this, she happily writes Naruto's name on her paper. '

To answer the question: did Naruto really in love with Hinata [chennyyeo] [2]?

Naruto turned 6 tails after Pain attacked Hinata. Hence, Hinata is the initiator of the transformation (as Naruto confirmed in Chapter 490).

Remember when Gaara died he was only turning two tails. When Jiraiya and Kakashi died, he didn't even transform. Antis could argue ... "Maybe he transformed because of the shock his friend attacked right in front of him" or "The seal is weakening"

Hinata solved the worst feelings Naruto had ever felt . Even though the seal is weak, it still takes enough power / anger for Naruto to transform.

The situation clearly shows that Naruto has a strong connection (love) to Hinata. Pain even said love creates hate. No, he's not talking about Hinata's feelings, he's talking about Narutos. Pain assumed that the girl he was attacking was special to Naruto. So he said: " Do you hate me now?

The film guide also confirms this moment. “Naruto reads the feeling of weakness that is reflected in Hinata's eyes…. The two were so closely connected that they could communicate in their eyes. "

In chapter 615, Naruto was holding Hinata's hand. That means only one thing.

Naruto unconsciously made all these romantic moments with Hinata . He's just plain stupid or dense, so he didn't know it was romantic love, and The Last Movie explained this (that he can't tell the difference between love for ramen and love for a person).

To your question here:

So my question is whether Naruto quickly fell in love with Hinata after the genjutsu in the movie or whether he slowly starts to feel something for her afterwards.

And working out the film too much

One of the many complaints in the film is the pace. For just a day or so ... Naruto and Hinata's relationship changed. Let's look closely.

Mission Schedule: Day 1: The team goes to a snowy place, goes to Genjutsu Lake, Toneri asks Hinata's hand, Naruto gets shy, and Naruto sees Hinata knitting the scarf.

Day 2: Naruto was not wearing a Kushina scarf, Naruto and Hinata were flirting, Otsutsuki memorial and Hinata told Naruto to leave her alone for a moment.

Day 3: Hinata tries to stay away from Naruto, then Naruto confessed in the night, then Hinata goes to Toneri.

Yes ... within 3 days ... I want to focus on days 1 and 2. Then Naruto knows his own feelings.

That was how quickly he acted differently towards Hinata. Which reason? The answer, of course, is love.

But is it possible to fall in love within a few days? The answer is no. Because love is not an instant thing.

Does that mean Naruto and Hinata's relationship is being enforced in the movie? No why? Because Naruto is in the movie not in Hinata fell in love. He just noticed that he was HER ALONE loved .

Remember, until the genjutsu trap, he didn't know what it meant to love someone. This gave him a context of Hinata's feelings. Then he examined his own feeling. In fact, this is elaborated on in the last Lichtroman.

Thanks animecontinuum for the translation:

"So if that's a genjutsu ... then what did I see about Hinata?" Were all these parts of my memories? No, I don't think these are just ordinary memories. It's more like my dreams and memories are mixed together. As for Hinata, that means that I also… ”Naruto involuntarily blushed and looked at Hinata for a moment.

Obviously, the trap doesn't force Naruto to love Hinata.

It just triggered something in Naruto's heart.

Just think about it. When a person has confessed to you. You wouldn't fall in love with him / her right away. Unless you have feelings for him / her all the time.

And one more thing ... why is Sakura encouraging Hinata at all? What if she thinks Hinata will just be rejected? (as UgamyRain said before)

While Naruto was passed out and Sakura was healing him, she said, "You finally got it. Fool "(because Naruto said" Hinata "repeatedly)

This means only one thing: Sakura knew that Naruto loved Hinata all along.

Sakura's statement not only meant that Naruto finally understood Hinata's feelings. He also understands his own feelings . (The latter is more appropriate given the context of the scene. Remember, Naruto kept repeating Hinata's name before Sakura said he finally understood.)

When / how did Naruto fall in love with Hinata? Well it's in the manga. I've already explained that.

Conclusion: The film doesn't contradict the manga. It actually supported our theory before: Naruto had feelings for Hinata all along.

Also in the last part of your question ...

Did Naruto find out that Sakura would never fall in love with him and stop liking her, or did he stop liking her after being in that genjutsu?

There is a scene in "Naruto: the Last" where Sakura explains this to Naruto. Sakura also helped Naruto understand that he really loves Hinata, not her.