Which alloys can be mixed with silver

Precious metals

High quality right from the start

Our precious metals

For our high-quality wedding rings, we only use high-quality, solid precious metals that we obtain from Pforzheimer Scheideanstalten. This guarantees consistent quality.

We offer various colored gold alloys and white precious metal alloys made of gold, platinum or palladium.

A alloy is a "mixture" of the pure precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium mixed with additional metals such as silver, copper.

In this way, the properties of the precious metals can be influenced, e.g. in terms of hardness, color, deformability, which is particularly important for the production of wedding rings. As well as the way the rings are made. Most of our wedding rings are manufactured using special technical processes, so that the hardness of the wedding rings is significantly higher than that of other pieces of jewelry.

Our wedding ring alloys usually consist of 3 different main metals, the so-called three-material alloys. The colors vary depending on the composition.

TheFineness a piece of jewelry is given in per mille, i.e. in a thousand parts of the total weight.

Every precious metal, such as gold, platinum or palladium, is available in different fineness. The higher the fineness, the more fine metal is contained, e.g. gold 750: 750 of 1000 parts are fine gold, or in other words, the alloy contains 75% pure gold. Platinum 950 even contains 95% pure platinum.

Gold paints and alloys


The classic gold color for wedding rings. It contains mainly silver and little copper. Depending on the fineness or the addition of silver, the color is lighter or more intense.


Adding more copper results in reddish tones in different shades. The more copper it contains, the more intense the color.



Since gold is naturally yellow, it must be alloyed / mixed with a white metal. We only use the higher quality palladium-white gold alloys with a light gray color. The palladium and some silver it contains are responsible for the white color of the gold alloy. Since palladium is a precious metal similar to platinum, it is significantly harder than a white gold alloy without palladium. The color of these alloys is a noble gray, colloquially also called gray gold.


is much rarer than gold and much harder to mine. It has a naturally light gray color, is very elastic and very resistant to air and acids, and with a density of 21.45 g / cm3 it is much heavier than gold. A quality that you can feel immediately when wearing such rings. Because of its high hardness, there is hardly any abrasion and no significant loss of material when worn. This also gives the set diamonds the most secure hold in the material. Because of its special properties, it is more difficult to work than gold and silver. Due to its purity, the precious metal is also ideally suited for allergy sufferers. For our wedding rings we use platinum 950, the lightest and purest white jewelry alloy or the slightly lower alloyed platinum 600, which is an interesting alternative to white gold due to its lower density.


Like gold and platinum, it is a precious metal and is one of the 5 platinum companion metals, with properties similar to platinum. It is light gray, tarnish-resistant and very tough, which is why the wear and tear on palladium rings is very low. In contrast to platinum, however, it is only about half as heavy and also a little softer, comparable to a white gold alloy. Here, too, there are alloys with different fineness.

We use Palladium 950 with a very light shade of gray and Palladium 500 with a dark gray, which can be used to create beautiful color effects in combination with a light white gold alloy.