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Everything about Aloha, Hang Loose & the Hawaiian way of life

Welcome - Aloha

The word most commonly used in Hawaii is aloha. It is used as both a greeting and a farewell, but it has a much bigger meaning. This word expresses the entire way of life in Hawaii, because it means something like "the breath of life". To be able to breathe freely, you have to be relaxed and comfortable. Hawaiians have internalized this inner serenity and emotional looseness deeply in their way of life. If you visit the archipelago off the west coast of the USA, you will experience the very special spirit of the inhabitants shortly after landing. Guests who spend their vacation on the Hawaiian Islands are sucked out of everyday life and fall straight into a relaxed mood. A vacation on the sunny islands is therefore the best medicine for mind and soul.


Surfer greeting has its origin in Hawaii


Hang loose

When surfers meet each other, Hang Loose is desired worldwide. That means something like "Always stay relaxed". To do this, the Shaka symbol is made with one hand. The thumb and little finger are stretched out and the other three fingers are bent like a fist. Now you wiggle your hand slightly and you have the perfect Hawaiian greeting gesture. This greeting is omnipresent not only among surfers, but with all Hawaiians. The first time you meet a local you can see the basic attitude of the islanders: Always stay relaxed and enjoy the moment! Even the American President Barack Obama paid homage to the Hawaiian way of life on his first visit to Hawaii when he publicly showed the Shaka greeting. Since that incident, the Hawaiian Shaka sign has gained a lot of popularity and more and more people are using it.


Polynesian influence on Hawaii is evident


Lei - wreath of flowers to greet you

Hawaii was populated by Polynesians long before the Spanish conquerors came. These have developed their own culture and this is how the Hawaiians' way of life originated. Although more and more immigrants from Asia and the USA came to the islands, traditions and attitudes towards life have survived to this day. The serenity and carefree that visitors to the islands can experience everywhere comes from the Polynesian culture. They were adopted by the immigrants and so are passed on from generation to generation. The Polynesian influences on Hawaii also include the great hospitality that is shown to visitors. Every newcomer is given a wreath of flowers on arrival and is greeted in a traditional Hawaiian way.


The famous Hawaii shirt shows serenity


anchored in tradition: Hawaii shirt & ukulele

Probably the most typical piece of clothing in Hawaii is the world-famous Hawaiian shirt. The way of life on the archipelago is also expressed in shimmering bright colors. There are no limits as to which pattern these shirts can have. If it is colorful and exudes joy, then it is appropriate and reflects the typically relaxed serenity. The shirt is not only worn by the inhabitants of the islands in their free time, but is also part of everyday working life. The basic attitude towards life is firmly anchored in the normal everyday life of Hawaiians and is reflected in the clothing and typical behaviors such as the Shaka greeting.


Surfing is part of Hawaii

Hawaii is the sun state of the USA. The islands in the Pacific offer white sandy beaches, high waves and a warm and sunny climate all year round. The wonderful weather and the relaxed attitude of the residents make the island chain the ideal holiday paradise. Surfers in particular love the islands for their perfect surfing areas and have made Hang Loose famous around the world. You should get involved in the serenity of the residents and take something home with you for everyday life.


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