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Streaming portals

If you want to watch a current movie, you can often find it in high quality on the Internet. So-called streaming portals offer you films for free and offer more content than some video streaming services. But are sites like "Kinox.to" or Goldesel.to "really legal or do you have to expect legal consequences or warnings? We reveal where you can look and where not.

  1. Which streaming portals are there?
  2. Where do the films on streaming portals come from?
  3. Are you threatened with legal consequences?
  4. I received a warning, what should I do now?
  5. Which paid alternatives are there?

Why pay money for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. when it's free? On streaming portals on the Internet you can find current cinema highlights and top series as well as older films in various languages. The sites are also convincing in terms of audio and video quality. To be too good to be true?

In fact, you're not always on the safe side when you watch free movies online. Because streaming portals are not always legal, they often exploit legal gray areas. Basically, a lot of money has to be paid for film licenses. Very few providers do that on the portals.

This website is not available for copyright reasons

If you get an orange page with the message "This website is not available for copyright reasons", the page has been blocked by the provider. We explain what this is all about in the background article on provider bans.

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Which streaming portals are there?

In the following table we have compiled some of the most popular and extensive streaming portals for films and series for you. There you will also find two links that lead you to our overview page as well as to our fault reporter on the respective page.

Where do the films on streaming portals come from?

The content on streaming portals is often pirated, i.e. illegally uploaded versions of the films. These are stolen from DVDs or BluRays or were filmed with a camera in the cinema. These are copyright violations, for which the creators of the pirated copies can be prosecuted.

Is Kinox.to legal or illegal? Movies and series for free in the stream

At KinoX, current films and series are available for free streaming. But is this a legal or illegal offer and why is the streaming portal blocked for some users? We answer the most important questions.

Whether you make yourself liable to prosecution when viewing this content has long been considered controversial among lawyers. If you stream a film over the Internet, you are not making a direct copy of the material, but only saving a temporary file. This is located in the cache of the web browser and is then deleted again. Since the entry into force of the new EU case law, it has been crucial whether the relevant page "obviously" offers copyrighted material.

Are you threatened with legal consequences?

In order to carry out criminal prosecution, the servers of the respective streaming portal would have to be confiscated. This is the only way to reliably assign the copyright infringement to your IP address. In addition, user data is only stored for seven days and then deleted.

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In our article "Kinox.to: Legal or illegal? That is the question" using the example of the "Kinox.to" platform, we explain exactly how the legal situation is with regard to video streaming. In addition, the lawyer Christian Solmecke from the law firm Wilde Beuger Solmecke Rechtsanwälte explains on the video platform YouTube in the video above the legal gray area in which the use of video streaming platforms is.

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I received a warning, what should I do now?

If you have received a warning regarding the use of a streaming portal, you should first of all stay calm. Because warnings on the Internet are often fakes and criminals want to pull the money out of your pocket. In our current fraud reports, we inform you daily about such and similar rip-off attempts. If you have actually received a real warning, you don't have to go to jail straight away. The linked article reveals how you should behave when receiving warnings.

Which paid alternatives are there?

Are you too uncertain about the legal situation when streaming films on the Internet? Then there are numerous alternatives in the form of paid video streaming services. You can watch numerous films on portals such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix after taking out a monthly subscription. But how high are the costs of Netflix and Co.? We'll tell you in our article.

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