What does PCC mean in civil engineering

Refurbishment of the Berlin ring road

The A 100 runs right through Berlin and connects the capital district. Originally planned as a ring route, it is now a semicircle that leads from the south in Neukölln via Wilmersdorf in the west to Charlottenburg in the north.

Structural defects in the motorway in the northern section between Goerdelerdammbrücke and Seestrasse now had to be completely renovated - this affected the roadway as well as the bridges.


Mechanical gradient equalization with M3 mortar

The repairs were carried out on a total of around 17,000 m² of road surface and the bridge substructure. First of all, the old, damaged asphalt pavement from the 1960s was milled off the road. Before the new road surface was applied, the now very rough and uneven concrete substrate was given an even, homogeneous surface. Gradients were compensated with PCC I concrete replacement systems (StoCrete TG 114 / StoCrete TG 118). The M3 mortar was applied wet-on-wet onto the previously applied adhesive bridge (StoCrete TH 110). For the first time, the processors at “Sächsische Bau GmbH” are using a paver with which the material can be applied in a time-saving manner in a width of up to 3 m and a layer thickness of 20-25 mm. The area was then compacted with a power trowel.


Renovation with a system - safety through surface protection

The renovation of the many damaged areas in the bridge concrete concentrated on the substructure. Depending on the stress on the component, those responsible chose different renovation systems. PCC coarse mortar (StoCrete TG 204 and StoCrete TG 202) on an adhesive bridge (StoCrete TH 200) was used for the repair of the bridge's underside and front sides and the supports. The OS 4 and OS 5a surface protection systems were chosen for caps, supports and soffits. After the full-surface application of the fine mineral filler StoCrete TF 200 and StoCrete TF 204, the OS 4 was given colored surface protection with StoCryl V 100 for the underside of the bridge. This combination offers a high level of protection against pollutants and increases the CO₂ tightness. With OS 5a (used for the caps and supports), the colored StoCryl RB coating also has a crack-bridging effect.

After the renovation with highly pollutant-resistant products, traffic can now flow unhindered on the Berlin ring road - if it does not jam for other reasons ...

StoCretec at the Econstra

StoCretec will be represented at Econstra in Freiburg from October 25 to 27, 2012 (Hall 4, Stand and at BAU 2013 in Munich from January 14 to 19, 2013 (Hall A4, Stand 311). The company also presents the product range for traffic structures.


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