Who is the greatest professional athlete

These athletes have an almost superhuman physique

From Pia Karim

From the smallest to the largest, from the thinnest to the thickest: Here are 13 athletes with the most unusual looks.

Malgorzata Dydek - At 2.18 m she was the tallest female basketball player in the world. She died of a heart attack in 2011.
Aditya Dev - Was the smallest weightlifter in the world. He was 84 cm tall and weighed 10 pounds. Nevertheless, he managed to lift 1.5kg, which is enormous for his height.
Bob Sapp - Is an American boxer with an impressive body. He is 2 meters tall and weighs 155 kilograms.
Adebayo Akinfenwa or "The Beast": At 103 kilos, he is the most muscular footballer in the world
Romain Teulet - Is a professional rugby player in the fly-half position. At 1.63 m, this role is quite unusual.
Olivier Rochus - At 1.63 m, he is the smallest professional tennis player in the world.
Andre Wingspan - A 2.24 m tall and 235 kg heavy catcher
Yang Changpeng - At 6 feet tall, he's the tallest footballer in the world. He comes from China and played briefly for Bolton, without success.
Saquille O'Neal - The legendary basketball player has the perfect body for his job. He is 2.16 m tall and weighs 116 kg.
Erick Esch - He is an unusual boxer because he weighs 205 kg and is 1.82 m tall.
Sun Mingming - Was the tallest basketball player in the world at 1.36 m
Manuel Yarborough - 2.03 m tall and 363 kg heavy! He is the only foreign sumotori. In 2003 he was even an amateur world champion.
Manute Bol - Was a 1.31 m tall basketball player from Sudan. He died of a serious skin disease in 2010.

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