What are some undiscovered travel destinations

Unknown or just underestimated? Why you should definitely have seen these 6 countries

Off the beaten track: You can make amazing discoveries off the beaten track. These seven breathtaking destinations definitely deserve more visitors (so get there before more travelers actually come)

We are already in the middle of the 21st century, even Deutsche Bahn now has free WiFi, Elon Musk is already planning the Mars expedition - and you think there is nothing more to discover on earth? Right off the bat: You urgently need to paint these seven white spots on the globe in bright colors:

1. Unknown travel destination in the middle of Europe: Albania

All of Europe has been conquered by mass tourism - only one small country is holding up well: Albania on the Adriatic is something for romantics: Dramatic mountain ranges up to the sea, shining beaches and weathered cities like in an adventure novel from the old days.

Looks like Mallorca? But that's beach life on Ksamil Beach in Albania © Aleksandar Todorovic / Shutterstock.com

For example Shkodra, Karl May fans also know it as “Skutari”: an ancient city on a wonderful lake, where you can swim, hike in the mountains or stroll through the tranquil streets.

A night in May 2017 in the historic Rose Garden Hotel in Shkodra near the old town, rated “excellent”, costs from 34 euros.

Accommodation in Albania from 17 euros

✈ Flights from 150 euros (May 28 to June 4 from Cologne to Tirana)

✈ Flights from 160 euros (June 13-17 from Frankfurt to Tirana)

✈ Flights from 140 euros (June 13-24 from Munich to Tirana)

2. Unknown Uzbekistan, dream destination on the Silk Road

Are you dreaming of Route 66? We think: A puberty pimple against the Silk Road. It is easily 2000 years older, a few thousand kilometers longer and, instead of a few rotten log houses, has really incredible eye-catchers - for example Registanplatz in Samarkand: three monumental Koran schools, known as madrasas, cast their huge shadows on this mega-stage like dinosaurs. Monuments, the youngest is 450 years old!

© Iryna Hromotska / Shutterstock.com

In Samarkand, for example, you can stay at the Hotel Royal Palace, which has been rated “excellent”, just a quarter of an hour's walk from Registanplatz, in May from 53 euros.

Accommodation in Uzbekistan from 12 euros

✈ Flights from 435 euros (May 22-30 from Munich to Tashkent)

✈ Flights from 442 euros (April 15-24 from Dusseldorf to Tashkent)

✈ Flights from 470 euros (July 3-30 from Hamburg to Tashkent)

3. Nicaragua - still cheap, still empty

The civil war is long over, the poverty remained - Nicaragua can use your visit very well, especially since the Miniland between the Pacific and the Caribbean promises unique highlights.

© Svetlana Bykova / Shutterstock.com

A whole mountain range of active volcanoes that you can climb up and down with a snowboard, err sandboard, but also one of the largest lakes in Latin America with several romantic islands. Note: It is only a few kilometers to the next sandy beach or lava field!

The Pacific waves rustle right in front of your window, buses go to Lake Nicaragua in about 30 minutes: in the Playa Hermosa Eco-Resort, rated “excellent” by the guests, a night in May costs you from 55 euros.

Accommodation in Nicaragua from 7 euros

✈ Flights from 571 euros (May 30 to June 20 from Stuttgart to Managua)

✈ Flights from 580 euros (April 17-26 from Munich to Managua)

✈ Flights from 574 euros (August 31 to September 24 from Berlin to Managua)

4. Hardly a chance against Brazil and Argentina: Uruguay

And another pretty white spot: Argentina's northern neighbor is visited by around 2.5 million visitors a year - Frankfurt / Main alone has around twice the number of guests!

Uruguay is half the size of Germany; A large part of it is covered by pampas, the endless grassland, and is eaten away by herds of cattle. And still today guarded by mounted gauchos, the South American version of the cowboy.

© Gustavo Ordoqui / Shutterstock.com

At the owner-run estancia (ranch) El Ceibo, only 16 kilometers from the capital Montevideo and rated “excellent”, you can live the life of a gaucho - that is, ride a horse, but also ride a horse-drawn carriage, fish or canoe: here costs one night Breakfast in May from 81 euros. More information: http://www.elceibo.com.uy/actividades.html “http://www.elceibo.com.uy/actividades.html

If you feel more like beach life - on the Atlantic is the glamorous seaside resort of Punta del Este with a flair like St. Tropez or Brighton, but postponed by six months (southern hemisphere). A night in the Hotel Ajax, located near the water, costs from 49 euros in May.

Accommodation in Uruguay from 41 euros

✈ Flights from 720 euros (May 31 to June 23 from Berlin to Montevideo)

✈ Flights from 757 euros (April 11 to May 2 from Frankfurt to Montevideo)

✈ Flights from 719 euros (August 16-31 from Munich to Montevideo)

5. Border region in Transcaucasia: Unknown Georgia

Where please? Exactly: Not Georgia (USA), not South Georgia (Southern Ocean), but Georgia - nobody really has that on the map. And that could be a mistake: Georgia's beaches on the Black Sea and its peaks in the Caucasus are uniquely beautiful, but organized mass rushes have so far been nil.

You hike and climb up to 5000 meters - of course almost without any tourist infrastructure - and then relax on the beach in Batumi in May with an average air temperature of 21 degrees.

© Michal Piec / Shutterstock.com

In the holiday resort of Batumi, for example, you can stay at the President Plaza Hotel, which has been rated “good” and is just a short walk from the city's beaches, in May from 58 euros.

Directly with a view of the snow-covered peaks of the Caucasus in the mountain town of Mestia at 1,500 meters above sea level with its curious stone towers, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, a night in the “excellent” rated Villa Mestia Hotel in May costs you from 47 euros.

Accommodation from 10 euros

✈ Flights from 171 euros (10-24 May from Dusseldorf to Tbilisi)

✈ Flights from 196 euros (June 12-16 from Stuttgart to Tbilisi)

✈ Flights from 211 euros (23-30 May from Munich to Tbilisi)

6. Laos, still a mysterious and unknown destination

The Jamaica of the Far East is waiting for you: In Luang Prabang, the old royal city between jungle mountains on the banks of the Mekong, everything and everyone is always very relaxed.

© Nakornthai / Shutterstock.com

Whether you stroll down the streets on a rental bike, watch the life of the Laotians by the river or just spiritually emulate the life of a Buddhist monk under the blooming bougainville trees - the relaxed aura of the place is transmitted almost instantly!

In Luang Prabang you reside close to the Mekong in the Golden Lotus Palace, which guests before you found overall "excellent", in May from just 27 euros per night.

Accommodation in Laos from 8 euros

✈ Flights from 611 euros (March 13th to April 9th ​​from Frankfurt to Vientane)

✈ Flights from 710 euros (June 3-18 from Berlin to Vientane)

✈ Flights from 723 euros (April 24 to May 12 from Munich to Vientane)

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