Do nurses work with dentists

Doctors and nurses wanted in Sweden

Since 1999, BTC GmbH has been carrying out recruitment projects and language intensive training on behalf of various partners from Sweden on a regular basis. We work with the Stockholm Provincial Parliament as well as other municipalities and employers from Sweden and Norway. As a health care professional or nurse, you will be kissed with a kiss in Sweden. Doctors and psychologists are also very popular. If you work in the medical field, the signs are good. You should choose Sweden to emigrate without hesitation. The working conditions in the hospitals are fantastic: good collective agreements are common in the industry. Regular working hours have also become established.

On this page you can find out more about currently advertised positions in the medical field in Sweden and take advantage of the advantages that the Baltic Training Center offers you.

Working conditions for healthcare professionals

You will receive an employment contract for at least three years with a reputable employer in a modern working environment. A working week has 38.15 hours. Together with your colleagues, you work in a team with the patient at the center. Regardless of the job, you get at least 5 weeks of paid vacation every year, plus flexible working hours, health care and insurance. The individual development opportunities are great. The remuneration is based on your previous professional experience and is negotiated individually.

Professional legitimation for medical professionals

In order to pursue a medical profession in the Swedish health care system, professional legitimation is required in many cases. These include, for example, nurses, opticians, radiologists, dentists, psychotherapists and much more. A list of professions requiring legitimation can be found at:

You will of course receive support from BTC GmbH when applying for professional identification, personal number and other formalities.

Free Swedish course at the Baltic Training Center
Fluency in Swedish is a prerequisite for working at the Stockholm Provincial Parliament (läns landsting). We support the municipalities in recruiting new staff and implement the Swedish training for doctors and registered nurses who take up employment at Stockholms läns landsting. The Swedish course lasts 20 weeks. Depending on the employer, the course can also include a study visit to your future workplace in Stockholm. The language lessons are given as face-to-face lessons in Rostock and are co-financed by the future Swedish employer. The course is carried out according to the evaluation scale of the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(level C1).

Important information regarding the current situation: Please send us your application documents. However, we are dependent on feedback from employers in Sweden. These are currently very busy with the Covid-19 situation, we ask for your patience and understanding. We will inform you as soon as there is a recruitment period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. Our preparation programs continue to take place.