What things make a friend happy?

How can i make my boyfriend happy

In a relationship, it is important that both of you are comfortable and that you also make your boyfriend happy when he needs it particularly. Making your partner happy gives a relationship that which gives you real joy in the long term. Your relationship will be much more harmonious and you will get more attention when he feels that you are there for him.

Unfortunately, many think too much of themselves and forget how to make their friend happy with simple gestures. That's why we've put together a list that will help you make him happy and strengthen your relationship.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy - 16 Steps

You want to be happy yourself, then take care of the people around you and you will notice how positive this affects your life.

The 16 steps to make your friend happy:

1. Give him compliments

Everyone loves to receive compliments, men also need this regularly to feel good. To be told that you look good or that you have solved something intelligently creates feelings of happiness that have a positive effect on the mood for hours afterwards. To tell him more often what you love about him, how attractive you find him or how happy you are to have him by your side, that will make him happy.

2. Say and show him how much you love him

Saying something is easy, the important thing is to show him how much you love him. Give him your love, be physically close to him and he will prove more often in his way how important you are to him.

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3. Give him encouragement when he feels bad

If he's ever exhausted from work, school or other things give him your attention, show him that you are there for him. A little hug, a kiss or a little compliment turn an already difficult day into a hopeful one and he will quickly recover from his stress.

4. Give him your attention

In many relationships there comes a point where you take your boyfriend for granted and that should never be the case. Paying attention to each other and feeling wanted is so important. Put your smartphone down and listen to him properly, show affection and enjoy the moment together is an infinitely valuable feeling for both of you.

5. Be honest with him

In a relationship, the foundation is to be honest with one another. Even if it is sometimes difficult, you should strengthen your bond through honesty and openness. With secrets and unspoken thoughts, there is always a certain distance that should never arise.

Men need honesty to feel happy and you create an environment in which you can talk about anything without getting further and further apart. He can then always be honest with you, which gives you the security for your future together.

6. Give him freedom

One of the most important points is personal freedom in the relationship. You love to spend time together, but if he ever wants to do something alone with his friends outside of your relationship, you should let him do it without blaming him. In your free time you can do other things yourself that you have otherwise neglected and that give you joy.

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7. Trust him

It should go without saying that trust is the foundation of any relationship. The cornerstone for a harmonious relationship and a happy partner is only there through trust. Through the freedom and your supportive behavior, he will give you even more trust and give you the same trust back. Stop trying to control or restrict it, that creates power games and that is the last thing you want yourself.

8. Support him

Supporting him in making his dreams come true is a real success boost for men. If you're his big fan, he'll be there for you when you need his help. The two of you should achieve your goals and dreams together if you respect each other. Your support counts and he will never forget that when you are there for him.

9. Be cheerful and fun

To be spontaneous and the cheerful partner at his side is important for every man to be happy. There is so much commitment and struggle in the world that the relationship should be a haven of good humor. If you are active yourself and manage to pull him out of his daily routine, you are irreplaceable for him.

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10. Hug him

Even if many men rarely admit it, they want to be hugged a lot more often. That creates closeness, affection and a good feeling. Physical closeness outside of bed is so much more fulfilling and sustainable for most people. An honest, heartfelt hug spontaneously while cooking or in a beautiful place on vacation are the moments that really count, are deeply memorable and create an emotional connection.

11. Show him appreciation

Appreciating him for the little things in life will make him happy. Many men suffer from not just getting praise and rush to work to prove it to others. Just cook for him, bring him a coffee or write to him that you miss him if he doesn't expect it. With these little efforts you will make your boyfriend or husband happy.

12. Surprise him

What does every person love? Surprises and spontaneity. It can also be small, cheap surprises that make him happy. Bake him a cake, make a breakfast with a large selection on the weekend or come up with something else like a massage, a spontaneous visit to the cinema, etc.

13. Always be there for him

Especially when things are very bad for him and he needs a few words of encouragement, it is important to be there for him. In good, carefree times, it's easy to be in a happy relationship. However, the moments when one of you two is on the ground are decisive. If you help him up and offer him a shoulder to lean on, your relationship will always be something special for him.

14. Accept his mistakes

We all have flaws or quirks, so you should accept them and not try to bend it the way you want. Accept that your boyfriend is not perfect and rather look at what makes him unique to you and see how happy that really makes him to be accepted for who he is. This is also what defines true friendships that last a lifetime.

15. Be yourself

To reiterate, in all efforts you should always be yourself! Being confident and having enough self-respect is just as important as making an effort to make your boyfriend happy. If you are warm and honest, he will appreciate it and show you the same respect. With that, a few simple steps will make your two lives more fulfilling.

16. Laugh a lot and often

Of course, one of the most important points must not be missing in all steps: laughter. Life has so many challenges and so much suffering, that's why laughing and being happy about little things, being grateful and being an unbeatable team together is infinitely valuable.

Now you have everything in your own hands to make your boyfriend happy and test for yourself how positive it affects your relationship.

How can I make him happy when he's bad?

If your boyfriend is doing badly, you should be careful that it doesn't pull you down too much and that you develop co-dependency. The best thing you can do is stay strong and take care of yourself too.

In many relationships, either the girlfriend or boyfriend feels responsible for everything and gives himself up to a piece. You can stand by your friend and just listen to them when they feel bad, but most problems will have to be solved by themselves.

The risk that you take everything to heart and feel bad about yourself is very high. You care a lot about him and you want to make him happy, but there are limits that you cannot manage on your own.

If you notice that you have done everything to help him and he is still very badly, then you can suggest to him to find a way out of the situation with professional help.

Some men have to hit rock bottom before they can rearrange their lives and learn to be happy again. This phase is stressful for both of you and you should be aware that it can sometimes take some time to see him happy again. Give him the time he needs and be patient with him, then your relationship will develop from this time even more intimately than ever before, he will always remember who was there for him in his most difficult phase, namely you!

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