What are the challenges faced by the students

Successful studies start in the head - 13 thought patterns of successful students

by Tim Reichel

"No matter what I do - I can't do it anyway."

Have you ever caught yourself thinking this way too? Or have you even internalized this negative mantra for yourself?

As a student, you face challenges every day that make you doubt yourself. Especially when the professor has come up with content for the exam that you would never have expected; or if an exam is coming up that regularly fails 70 percent of the students - then your self-confidence is downright on the collar.

But that need not be.

Have you ever wondered why some students are more successful than others over the long term? You mean they are smarter than you? Far from it - they are not smarter than you. They just think differently. You have the right attitude, you are confident and see yourself on the winning road.

But you can do that too.


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This is how successful students think

Confident students know that they need to constantly develop on the path to study success. They want to surpass themselves and firmly believe that they will be most successful when they work for their success. In doing so, they are not afraid of failure. If they fall, just straighten up and keep walking with their heads held high. Because they know that mistakes are only temporary and even useful to them.

You want that too? Then take a look at the 13 most important thought patterns of successful students:


# 1 I can always get better!

As a successful student, you know that you haven't arrived yet. Ahead of you lies a partly rocky, learning-rich and absolutely profitable path. You accept the challenges on this path because you want to grow beyond yourself. You are curious, open and see every situation in your studies as an opportunity to develop yourself further. You can also draw helpful conclusions for yourself from the supposedly “stupid”, superfluous subjects.


# 2 I'm not afraid of others!

Don't be afraid of other students who have a better grade point average than you or who passed the last exam unlike you. On the contrary - you seek contact with them. Because these could be the people who will take you further in the long term. They can help you get on the road to success. And always remember: they are no better or different than you - they only have some advantages over you. Benefit from it!


# 3 I live in the here and now!

Successful students have no problem with the past. You weren't in a good mood last semester? So be it - what do you care about the failures from the past. Instead, you look at your current situation and deal with your current tasks. You look forward, not backward.


# 4 My efforts will be worth it!

You know what you are studying for. You want to develop yourself further and work in your dream job after graduating. In return, you always have a positive image of yourself in front of your eyes - of the person you absolutely want to become. And this picture will help you fight for your academic success. Even if you don't see the point of a subject or a module is particularly tough.


# 5 I learn from mistakes!

Failure is not your downfall. Because you know that you have to make mistakes in order to have long-term academic success. You learn from mistakes. You forgive yourself. Because after all, the mistake is not so bad in relation to your whole life or your entire study. However, you don't forget the mistake so that you can correct it the next time you try.


# 6 I love the challenge!

You always welcome challenges. In the statistics exam, 70 percent of the students regularly fail. So what if you belong to the remaining 30 percent? Even if it's your third attempt at the exam, you know that challenges you master make you stronger than ever before. And if something goes wrong, see # 5.


# 7 Nothing and nobody can take the fun out of it!

As a confident student, you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. You take note of doubts from family, friends or university members and incorporate them (if they make sense) into your considerations. In no case do you let them divert you from the path of which you are convinced, which makes you happy and who you want to be.


# 8 I can say "no"!

You know that your academic success does not depend on getting on well with everyone around you. You don't have to do every favor that you are asked for. Of course, you generally do not neglect your family, friends or fellow students. And you don't say “no” to a presentation that is the content of your seminar. But there are phases in your studies and your semester in which you have to pay more attention to yourself and your tasks. You accept that and make it clear to those around you.


# 9 I'm not giving up!

You don't give up, you persevere - even in difficult situations. You have a vision, a fixed goal in mind. To achieve this goal, it is worth taking on challenges and taking setbacks. So keep going until you reach your goal. And then you set yourself new goals.


# 10 I like to help others!

You can't do anything with the term “elbow mentality”. Sure, do you know how to assert yourself. But that doesn't mean that you disapprove of others or appear unhelpful. Just as you seek help from those who are one step ahead, you support those who are a step ahead. This is how you create networks that are very useful for your success. So do not outdo supposed competitors in your studies, but team up with them.


# 11 I don't have to be perfect!

Perfection cannot be achieved. Therefore, you do not strive for it, because you know that otherwise you will quickly get into a vicious circle of high expectations and inevitable failure. Instead, you set yourself challenging but realistic goals that you can accomplish. Achieved goals strengthen your self-confidence and allow you to be successful in the long term.


# 12 Negative feelings don't stand a chance with me!

You always stay positive. You also seek out the positive aspects from defeat. Because you know that you emerge stronger from them and grow with your mistakes. You take a constructive approach, think about the best solution and just tackle the matter. With this pragmatic approach, you do not allow too negative thoughts in the first place.


# 13 I can learn anything!

You are aware that you can learn anything. Namely, what you want and how much you want. Your brain capacity is not a limiting factor. Learning makes you feel like you are accomplishing and achieving something. Since learning increases your self-esteem, you never stop and grow continuously in yourself.


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Successful students are confident. They know what they have achieved so far and attribute their small and large successes to their skills and hard work.

You have a fixed goal in mind and don't let anyone or anything deter you from your path.

You too can be successful in the long term. Study success depends much less on your IQ than on your attitudes and thought patterns. And how about if from now on you record your greatest success of the day every evening or your greatest success of the semester at the end of the semester?

You will see that you have already mastered many things great and that you can be very satisfied with yourself. You will also notice that there are things that you need to work harder on. Get on with things! This will help you and your academic success in the long term.


Image: © Ryan McGuire / gratisography.com