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Comparison of payroll software

Payroll software supports law firms and companies in creating wages and salaries for employees. DATEV's payroll software includes all parameters when calculating wages - including statutory and voluntary deductions. As a user, you record, process and archive the data in one system. In addition, you always work on the basis of the current legal requirements. Thanks to DATEV's wage software, law firms and companies can do wage calculations quickly.

The unique customer service provided by DATEV's wage experts, free access to numerous self-help media and a large number of specialist literature, seminars and training courses round off DATEV's payroll accounting solutions perfectly.

Payroll: explanation of terms

With the monthly pay slip, employees receive a receipt for the remuneration for their work. In addition, the payroll provides information about the tax to be paid Taxes and social security contributions. With this data, every employee can keep an eye on his monthly deductions. They are also helpful for the tax return.

Every company has to do the wage calculation for its employees. Many rely on the expert advice of a tax consultancy. The Remuneration Statement Ordinance defines which information must be included in a wage and salary statement. These include, among others:

  • Personal details of the employee: name, address, date of birth, insurance number, income tax class, tax identification number
  • Information about the employer: name, address
  • start of employment
  • Billing period
  • Gross salary
  • Information on social security contributions
  • tax deductions: wage tax, solidarity surcharge
  • If applicable, remuneration in kind, capital formation benefits, tax allowances, expense allowances, etc.
  • Net salary

To ensure that all information is carefully recorded and processed, many companies and law firms use special software for calculation. This makes the data of the employees uncomplicated record, edit, archive and, if necessary, even forward it to all relevant institutions.

Do payroll with DATEV

The high-performance software for wage and salary accounting from DATEV improves the work processes of monthly accounting. The payroll software is always on the current legal status. This keeps the user informed of any changes at all times and minimizes the risk of making unintentional errors in the calculation. At DATEV, different programs are available for payroll accounting: DATEV wages and salaries as DATEV LODAS. Both payroll software are each in the versions compact, classic and comfort available. This means that every user is offered a software solution for their individual requirements. The advantages of the DATEV programs are obvious:

  • Payroll accounting always corresponds to the current legal requirements
  • financial planning security
  • highest data security
  • Top customer service from DATEV wage experts, free access to numerous self-help media and a large number of specialist literature, seminars and training courses

Payroll accounting with DATEV wages and salaries

With the software Wage and salary from DATEV you create the remuneration statements for employees on the PC directly on site in the company. Regardless of whether you record, process or archive - with the software Wage and salary you always have everything under control. If necessary, you can transmit relevant data to institutions such as employment offices or health insurance companies. If necessary, you also create certificates for the employee or analyzes regarding the development of wages. The payroll software Wage and salary from DATEV is available in three versions:

  • DATEV Compact wages and salaries: With the software for payroll accounting Compact wages and salaries the basic functions for calculating wages are available to users on site. The data can be recorded and processed on the PC, the wage evaluations prepared and the payments transmitted. Special forms in the payroll such as short-time work benefits or company pension schemes are also taken into account in the program. The software is ideal for small businesses with up to 50 employees. The detailed help system also provides step-by-step support when entering the data.
  • DATEV Wages and salaries comfort: The payroll program Wages and salaries comfort enables companies to carry out pay slips for any number of employees on site on the PC. In addition to recording and processing the data, you can also use the software to bill special forms such as short-time work benefits and building wages. You forward the data to the relevant institutions via the cloud. Changes to the payroll can be automatically transferred to the wage program by means of a subscription order, for example changed contribution rates for health insurance companies. After completing the calculation, you can conveniently print out the pay evaluation on site, have it sent to you by post or make it available to employees online via the employee portal. In addition, the software convinces with the data analysis system Human Resources. This enables you to create personal evaluations that can be prepared as meaningful reports with the help of the report wizard.
  • DATEV Classic wages and salaries: The payroll software Classic wages and salaries is with the comprehensive functions of the comfort-Fitted variant. The only difference is that the data analysis system Human Resources cannot be used.

Payroll accounting with DATEV LODAS

With the payroll software LODAS access the. directly from your PC Resources in the DATEV data center to. That means: You record, manage and change the data of the payroll accounting on site in the company or the law firm. The DATEV data center then takes on all other tasks such as payroll accounting, data controlling and archiving. The program LODAS guarantees absolute data security (ITSG certificate) and is available in three versions:

  • DATEV LODAS compact: As software for payroll accounting for small businesses with up to 50 employees LODAS compact optimal. Users record and manage the billing-relevant data on site and then transmit them to the DATEV data center. There they are finally processed and the wage calculation finalized. LODAS compact also includes short-time work benefits and data on company pension schemes and supports the user with a step-by-step help system.
  • DATEV LODAS comfort: With LODAS comfort perform the payroll of any number of employees. You collect and manage the data; They are processed, saved and archived in the DATEV data center. You then decide whether you would like to receive the completed wage statements by post or electronically via PC. Thanks to the automatic updates, the program also takes legal changes into account and your wage and salary software is always up to date. You can also calculate with the help of LODAS comfort also special forms such as short-time working allowance, piecework wages, building wages and public service. You collect and manage the data; the DATEV data center takes care of the rest. In addition, you can use the data analysis system Human Resources to create detailed personnel evaluations and prepare them in reports.
  • DATEV LODAS classic: The classic-Version contains the same extensive functions as the comfort-Variant. Only the data analysis system Human Resources can be used LODAS classic cannot be used.

DATEV eG - a reliable service provider with 50 years of experience

With over 40,000 members, the registered cooperative DATEV is one of the largest IT service providers in Germany. As a provider for intelligent business software DATEV has convinced tax consultants, auditors, lawyers and entrepreneurs for more than 50 years. From needs analysis to service - DATEV stands for the highest quality in all areas.

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