Why do multinational companies invest in Mexico


Entering a new market requires information and guidance. This information and advice is intended for business professionals considering investing in Mexico and those who have already made the decision. It is also a very useful guide for Mexican entrepreneurs planning to start a business, as it provides vital information that will facilitate decision-making and enable strategies to be developed that will better take advantage of the opportunities the country offers today.

Mexico is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in the world. In fact, the country is the eighth most attractive country to invest in according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Business Survey, which identifies the most attractive countries to invest in in the world over the next three years.

Mexico is part of a strategically privileged geographic region at the center of the planet's two main economic axes: the Atlantic and the Pacific. It has a number of trade agreements that give it access to 46 countries and 1.2 billion consumers. Mexico is strategically involved in the development of the Pacific basin through the Pacific Alliance.

Another advantage of the country is its human capital. Mexico is experiencing one of the best moments of demographic independence in its history as it has the largest proportion of the productive age population. It also has the eighth highest number of engineering graduates in the world, with 120,000 graduates annually. Its domestic market also has more than 120 million inhabitants, which makes it 11th in the world. These and other strengths of the country create an ideal environment for corporate development.

Mexico has an attractive business environment, legal security, one of the largest networks of free trade agreements in the world, well-developed economic sectors and an extremely competitive cost profile. In order to make a reliable business forecast, it is important to consider regulatory issues that affect the activity in which you plan to invest.

Those who invest in Mexico have an excellent business opportunity thanks to the size and characteristics of the Mexican domestic market, but they can also take advantage of the country's competitive commercial infrastructure to take their Mexico-made production to the world and international businesses with great benefits to found.

The government is one of the largest buyers in Mexico, so it can be very attractive for those who choose to locate in Mexico to become suppliers to various government agencies and agencies.

This guide provides useful information for those looking to invest in Mexico, from the reasons that make the country a great destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), to participating in the domestic market, Mexican foreign trade, and government procurement, and other issues the legal framework that should be taken into account when setting up businesses in the country. An overview is given of the various support, incentive and funding mechanisms that the Mexican government has made available to investors.