Synonym for EMBEZZLE

Translation of "misappropriating money" in English

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He was found guilty in 1893 when the Panama Canal failed to build Embezzle money to have.
He had been found guilty of embezzling money during the failed construction of the Panama Canal in 1893.
The affected namesake was the one she had an affair with while he was out of the law firm Embezzle money Has.
The name partner in question was the one she had an affair with while he was embezzling money from the firm.
Embezzle money? I would trust her.
He had Embezzle money... and then Sharman went underground.
They found out it was because he was embezzling but by then Sharman's disappeared.
Still, numbered accounts of citizens are used for criminal purposes, like hiding corrupt politicians Embezzle money.
Still, numbered accounts are used for criminal purposes, such as corrupt politicians hiding money embezzled from citizens.
So someone has access to Sid's company Embezzle money.
They said he did that Embezzle money would have.
Embezzle money? I would definitely trust her.
Louis Litt came to me and he's the one who Embezzle money Has.
You have with your Detroit Fund Embezzle money.
The simple truth is that Rothschild does Embezzle money would have.
For years he had Embezzle money, and had managed to drive out a whole series of pastors.
He had been stealing money for years, and he had succeeded in running off a host of other pastors.
Walter Hines, your manager, has all of your Embezzle money and ran away with it.
In April 2001, Fauzi Abdul Rahman, MP for Pahang, filed charges against Mohd Khalil for being Menteri Besar of Pahang Embezzle money should have.
In April 2001, a police report was lodged by Pahang state assemblyman Fauzi Abdul Rahman alleging that Mohd Khalil misappropriated state resources as Pahang Menteri Besar.
How did you reveal that Tom was the one who did this Embezzle money Has?
The public prosecutor's office investigated the results of the autopsy and assumed that Genditzki had killed the old lady to cover up the fact that he was in her apartment during her hospital stay Embezzle money have.
He assumed Genditzki had killed the elderly woman to hide the fact he had embezzled money from her apartment during her hospital stay.
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