In which semester should I learn AutoCAD?


  • The menu is missing in AutoCAD so that the program can no longer be operated

Occasionally it can happen that the files necessary for the structure of the menu are faulty (e.g. if AutoCAD was started twice by mistake). You will find an "AutoCAD Repair" icon either on the desktop, in the start menu or under "Network Programs". Please close AutoCAD beforehand, start the utility program and follow the instructions displayed there.

  • How do I get a student license for AutoCAD

Autodesk offers students of all well-known universities a free license of AutoCAD. To do this, you need to register with your FH e-mail address and a password of your own choosing. The email address is checked against an internal list.
Danger: The user account of your mail account differs by the addition ".ad"from your e-mail address! You will only receive the reply e-mail with your registration if you enter a correct FH e-mail address without the addition".ad"(as e.g." hoettges (at) "instead of" hoettges (at) ").

  • How can I make a file readable for older program versions in AutoCAD 2013?

If you click on the big "A" symbol in the top left corner (Warning: not doubleclick, because this will terminate the program ...), then select "Save as ...", in the window that appears at the bottom, select an older format in the "File type" field, e.g. B. "AutoCAD 2010". The students doing the corrections all have AutoCAD 2012, which is still using the aforementioned format.

  • Why are no alignment points set?

In the Options> Draft is the lower point under the heading "Selection of alignment point"Select with the SHIFT key elected. Recommended is:Automatically

  • The object snap track with alignment point only snaps at right angles, but should also snap in the 45 ° direction.

The design settings must be adjusted (right-click on the 5th button at the bottom on the "Tracking (F10)" button, click on "Settings" there): Under "Polar angle settings" there must be an increment angle of 45 ° and the object snap track setting set to "Track with Polar Angle Settings".

  • A dimensioning style should switch to dimensions in "cm" for dimensions less than 1 m; this does not work in spite of the activated subunit factor 100.

In this case, a space must be entered in the "Subunit suffix" field (reason unknown ...)

  • When dimensioning coordinates, no minus sign appears in the negative area.

Only another dimension style with the prefix "-" helps here. It is also possible to overwrite the text. The associative dimension text can still be displayed with "<>" and the labeling can be supplemented as required without losing the automatism of the dimension text. In this case, the text overwrite "- <>" would be recommended.