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High quality Diamond engagement rings handmade can be bought online at JUWELIER.at: 5 precious metals to choose from - from 129 €. We have been offering handcrafted engagement and application rings for sale in our online shop since 2015: diamond jewelry directly from the manufacturer in our own factory in the gold city of Pforzheim. Customers who order engagement rings from us online benefit from over 60 years of experience in the field of jewelry and our free expert advice. We deliver inexpensive rings for engagement with diamonds. You can design and configure your personal favorite model yourself online with us.

Who we are and what we offer you

JUWELIER.at is a jewelry manufacturer with an online shop especially for your handmade engagement ring with diamonds. Every single piece of jewelry is handcrafted in our production facility in Pforzheim. Our goldsmiths and our service team have decades of experience with premium jewelry.

We can deliver selected models to you in just 72 hours. You do not take any risks when ordering: We offer all customers who buy from JUWELIER.at a 50-day return. We make jewelry from high quality materials by hand in Germany and only use diamonds from certified sources. We regularly receive top ratings from our customers for the excellent quality of our jewelry and our top service.

Thanks to our competent and friendly expert advice, we enjoy the trust of more than 1,000 happy couples.

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We are experts in Engagement rings with gemstone and - we think - for the most beautiful question in life. We are happy to advise you and help you to find the right ring for engagement with your partner. Call us now: 01 35 85 017

What is an engagement ring?

The mutual promise of marriage (also: engagement or betrothal) is symbolized by a ring that is set with a diamond. These ladies' rings, which are specially presented for the marriage proposal, are called engagement rings. Women most often want an engagement ring made of white gold, followed by gold and 925 silver rings on the wish list. Platinum and rose gold take fourth and fifth place. A diamond or a round brilliant cut diamond is a must for most women.

Inspired by social and fashion influences, more and more women have been wanting colored gemstones such as sapphire, emerald or ruby ​​for engagement in recent years. Sapphire rings, emerald rings or ruby ​​rings are the most popular models with colored gemstones.

Giving and carrying

It used to be customary for a man - if he was a Christian - to buy two application rings, give one of them as a gift to his loved one and wear the other himself. In the last few decades, the Anglo-Saxon variant has also established itself in Europe, where only the woman receives an engagement ring as a gift and wears it on the ring finger of the left hand. One of the rituals of the proposal and the gift is that the man secretly buys the ring and presents it to his partner as a surprise on a romantic date of love.

The secret of high quality engagement rings. What distinguishes a ring for the application?

Discover the secret of high quality engagement rings that are timeless. The jewelry classic, a solitaire ring with a six-part setting made of 585 white gold, is presented as a proposal ring by far the most frequently. This version gained worldwide attention under the name Tiffany version. The solitaire ring is characterized by a single, often raised, diamond. A unique fiery sparkle can only be developed by perfectly cut stones without inclusions, which are called flawless.

The ring band and setting of a high quality engagement ring are made of gold or silver 925 / -. 585 white gold application rings are by far the most popular. We recommend choosing engagement rings made of yellow gold if you want the wedding rings made of gold later on. By the way: the gold wedding ring is still the most popular in Germany.

The diamond - a must for handmade jewelry for engagement

A diamond is the crowning glory in every women's ring and the perfect complement to high-quality, shimmering precious metal. This stone is considered to be the most valuable gemstone in the world and is available in sizes from 0.03 ct. (Carat or carat) up to 1 ct. and in five diamond qualities - H / SI, G / SI, G / VS, G / IF and D / IF (flawless) - available. With their unique sparkle, diamond rings show the special appreciation for the beloved future bride.

By the way: We don't have any models with artificial diamonds (zirconia). We are convinced that only rings made of precious metal in which naturally grown gemstones are set will do justice to the solemn occasion of the application. Real diamonds are superior to zirconia in terms of brilliance and durability. Zirconia, which can be produced with technical aids within a very short time, cannot keep up.

Which version is there?

The settings: claws, frames or tension ring

In addition to the six prong setting for solitaire rings, there are other popular ring settings. Gemstones receive even more light, e.g. in a setting with four prongs. The frame setting is characterized by its simple, round and subtle shape. With the tension rings, the stone is held directly in the ring rail. A simple tension ring is recommended to everyone who pursues physical activity, as the stone is particularly protected here.

Popular precious metals

We have a total of 5 precious metals and 8 alloys to choose from. Most diamond rings are made of 585 gold, with 585 and 750 white gold being the most common at over 30%. Gold and 925 silver (known as sterling silver jewelry) come in second and third, closely followed by rose gold, also known as rose gold.

Clear price ranges for diamond rings

On the engagement rings page you will find all the rings available from us, for example made of 925 silver from 129 €. Easy to sort through clear price ranges.

Price range up to € 350

Find one Diamond ring for engagement with brilliant for a small budget? In the price range up to € 350 you will find handmade 925 silver rings or rings made of 585 white gold (14 carat). Each model - including our silver jewelry - is of course characterized by real stones set with diamonds in sizes of 0.03 and 0.05 ct. up to 0.07 and 0.10 ct. out.

Engaged for under EUR 650

Our models from EUR 350 to 650 shine with their variety in style and design with diamonds up to 0.15 ct (carat). The precious metals white gold 585, gold 585 and rose gold are available in this price segment. You will receive a silver ring with a correspondingly larger diamond.

Up to 1,250 euros: solitaire and tension ring with gemstone

We have put together the category from € 650 to € 1,250 for all lovers of special solitaire rings and all tension ring friends. In this price range you will find your diamond ring for a successful engagement with precious stones of 0.10 ct. up to 0.30 ct. from all precious metals.

Noble handcrafted models up to € 2,000 with a sparkling gemstone of your choice

The highlights - our handcrafted models for engagement from € 1,250 to € 2,000: half-carat models with diamonds from 0.30 to the popular 0.40 ct. up to the classic with 0.50 ct. A highlight are the beautiful models with a ring band set with diamonds.

Rings over € 2,000 - brilliantly beautiful gemstones up to 1ct

The perfect rings over 2,000 € with radiantly beautiful side stones or solitaire with 1 carat, 1.00 ct. A variety in design, frame and precious metal awaits you.

Important questions before you buy online

How do I find out the size?

To secretly find out the size of the ring, we recommend our ring template (PDF, 31 KB). With an already existing women's ring, you can easily determine the size.
If your dear partner already knows about the engagement, you can also order our ring tape measure free of charge. The measuring tape works like a belt and is very easy to use.

What sizes can I buy online?

In principle, we can manufacture rings in any desired size from 5 different precious metals in our manufactory. Our standard sizes range from 48 to 58. However, we can easily manufacture ring sizes between 43 (Ø 13.7 mm) and 70 (Ø 22.3 mm) for you. It is also possible to order half a ring size - such as 54.5. If you are interested in a smaller or larger ring size, use our live chat before buying or send us an email to let us know your desired size.

On which hand is the application ring worn?

It used to be thought that the ring finger of the left hand was connected directly to the heart by a vein. The application ring is still worn on the left hand in Germany today. After the wedding, the ring can be changed on the ring finger of the right hand and placed in front of the wedding ring.

How high should the costs for rings for the application be?

The main criterion in buying rings for the perfect application should be disposable income. A budget of between half a month and a net monthly salary has proven itself. We consider the American rule of three months' wages to be a fairy tale.

What does the engraving cost?

The engraving is always free of charge with us. You can have up to 30 characters engraved on your ring. You can choose 3 different fonts and 4 symbols for the engraving. And the highlight: even before you put the ring and the engraving in the shopping cart, you can view the engraving in real time. Try it now!

How long does the delivery take?

We deliver most models within 7 working days, models available immediately are marked with the express symbol and will be with you within 3 days! If you are in a real hurry, the best thing to do is to give us a call before you order by express delivery.

I want to look at the piece of jewelry before the engagement. Can I also return it?

Yes, you can request a completely free return from us within 50 days of purchasing your piece of jewelry. So you can take a look at your ring before the engagement and have enough time to propose to your loved one at the right moment.
Please note that a flat rate of 35 euros will be charged for rings that have already been engraved, as they have to be re-manufactured.
To begin with, simply order your ring without engraving. We engrave for you free of charge even after the engagement. Of course, we also take care of the postage for the submission.