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Creative professions: finally living out your own ideas

What do you want to be later? - Some people can answer this question in great detail because they know exactly where their professional journey should lead. More often, however, the reactions are vague and only give a rough direction. Creative professions, from which many hope to find professional fulfillment, are particularly popular. Bringing in and implementing your own ideas, being creative and living out your personal ingenuity on the job. For many, this is initially a dream, but it must first be concretized before they can start their job. There are numerous creative professions from a wide variety of industries to choose from. Why creative professions are so popular and in which jobs you can let your creativity run free ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Creative professions: freedom instead of boredom

Anyone striving for a creative profession expects numerous advantages compared to other, boring jobs that seem to consist only of routine and the same processes over and over again. Above all: the chance to implement your own urge for creativity, new ideas, innovations and design options in your job. Creative minds often see themselves as free thinkers, as a bubbling source of constant new ideas and creative thoughts and ideas that want to be realized.

This attitude and ability is highly valued, promoted and specifically sought in employees in creative professions, as they are an important success factor for companies that live to a large extent from the creative achievements of their employees - but problems can arise in other professions and industries which creative thinkers find it difficult to solve.

In order to be able to live out your own creativity on the job, you need greater freedom, which not every professional group can offer. As a banker you do not work in a creative profession, you can hardly use your skills there, you do not benefit from it and are not valued for it.

If you are creative and want to live it out, many jobs can make you unsatisfied. This is simply because you are bored and frustrated if you cannot make suggestions, come up with ideas and implement them, because the job has clear guidelines and only expects you to do assigned tasks according to scheme F. This way of working does not suit you, it restricts you and only reinforces the desire to be able to let your creativity run free.

Ultimately, this also affects performance, even though you have the necessary skills. The feeling of being stuck in the wrong job not only creates dissatisfaction, but also prevents professional success. On the other hand, creative professions bring with them exactly the freedom that you may need to be able to develop.

Creative professions with a good salary: do they exist?

Creative professions are always associated with art without a job. Unfortunately, this has not established itself in linguistic usage for a reason, because in some creative and especially artistic areas, there is no particularly high payment for many. Of course there are big and well-known names of artists, but one must not forget the huge mass of other artists. In relation, the successful and very well paid are the absolute exception.

So do you have to decide: a creative job or good pay? Fortunately, it's not that bad, and certainly not that general. It is true, however, that creative professions are not at the top of the salary scales. The chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace industries or classics such as banking and IT offer the best prospects for a very high salary.

However, creative professions do not end up in last place, but can be rewarded with a good salary. There are, for example, many creative areas in the media landscape or in marketing, where starting salaries of 35,000 euros per year can be achieved - depending on training and qualifications, this can be even higher. You may not be one of the top earners in the country, but creative professions do not necessarily have to gnaw on the hunger cloth.

The list below also shows that creative professions are paid well above all if further training is completed after the training. There are certainly creative professions with a good salary if you are willing to do something for it and you score with qualifications and experience.

Overview: More than 35 creative professions

Do you consider yourself a creative person and want to take this strength into account in your career in order to find a job that you enjoy and that corresponds to your passions? The only thing missing is a precise goal, which creative profession it should be. At this point, however, the desire for a creative job often comes to a standstill, as there is too little knowledge about the various possibilities.

For information and as inspiration to help you find a suitable creative profession for yourself, we have listed various creative jobs in which your creativity is in demand and comes into its own at work:


Have your own photo studio and do shootings there, work for a newspaper and take photos of a wide variety of dates and events, fill magazines as a fashion photographer or look for suitable motifs in nature to exhibit and sell your own pictures. Photographers learn the craft from scratch, but can always be creative and develop their own style over time.

The training to become a photographer usually lasts three years, during which you receive an apprenticeship salary that increases every year. How much you will earn later in this creative profession is very individual and depends on what exactly you do. As a self-employed person, for example, both your location and your order situation are decisive. As an employed photographer, you can earn around 2,000 to 2,500 euros gross, depending on your professional experience and employer.


Bringing templates to life in a film or theater production, creating scenes, conveying emotions and content - there are directors not only in major Hollywood productions, but also on television, for smaller films, in the theater, opera or musicals. You literally take over the direction, make all creative decisions and stage a work according to your own ideas.

There is no set path to becoming a director, but a degree in directing is particularly common. Other options include entry through a job as an actor or experience as an assistant director. How much you can earn as a director depends on the order situation, your own level of awareness and the size of the productions. With great success, you can earn a lot of money here - if there are no orders, it can also lead to financial idle times.


If you'd rather be on the other side of the camera, the creative profession of acting is a great option for you. On stage, on a film or television set, you embody different roles, slip into new characters and try to present them according to your own ideas as well as the ideas of the scriptwriter and director.

You can be trained as an actor at an acting school, where you will be taught the most important skills. In addition to language training, it also includes dance and movement forms. The more successful and well-known you are, the more you can earn in this creative profession. However, the financial situation as an actor can also be very difficult if there are only assignments for smaller plays.

Set designer

The set design is crucial for the effect that a play or film achieves. As a set designer, it is your job to design the space in which a scene takes place. With a lot of creativity, attention to detail and knowledge of spatial representations, lighting and color effects, you create the framework for actors.

Set designers can be permanently employed or freelance. For young professionals, the gross salary is between 1,800 and 2,000 euros. With more experience, 2,800 to 3,000 euros per month are possible.

Interior decorator

Everyone wants a nice home, cozy, modern, well furnished in the right colors and with beautiful furniture. As an interior decorator, you can use your creativity to furnish rooms, apartments or even entire houses and implement a concept in consultation with the customer. Which color, which materials, where should something go and how does everything fit together - as an interior decorator you have everything in view and create a total work of art. In addition, manual skills are also required when handling the sewing machine.

To work as an interior decorator, you do a three-year dual training course, most of which takes place in the company. During the apprenticeship, the training salary is between 450 euros and 650 euros, depending on the year of training. In professional life, a salary between € 2,000 and € 2,500 is later possible - however, there are many training courses or specializations that can significantly increase the salary. For example, you can also make the master and achieve a significantly higher salary.

Designer for visual marketing

Have you ever walked past a shop window and asked yourself: Who thought of this great placement that invites you to buy at first glance? Behind this is the creative profession of the designer for visual marketing. Everything here revolves around presenting products perfectly, working out your own ideas as a concept and putting them into practice. It doesn't just stay with the shop window, but entire rooms, shops or even exhibition halls are designed.

There are several ways to work as a visual marketing designer. A three-year apprenticeship can be completed, for which a secondary school leaving certificate is usually sufficient. You can also study design or interior design. Here, too, the payment is initially staggered according to the years of training, after which a salary of up to 2,900 euros can be achieved.

Makeup artist

Applying make-up, making hair pieces, wigs or beards, making artificial body parts or even entire masks - makeup artists create the perfect illusion and are responsible for ensuring that actors look exactly as their role requires.

You can become a make-up artist through a classic dual training course over three years. This creative profession initially offers a salary of between 1,500 and 1,800 euros, but payments between 2,500 and 3,000 euros per month are also possible.


Are you looking for a creative career in the fashion industry? Then the job as a milliner can be interesting. This rather unknown creative profession combines interest in fashion with technical skills. As a milliner, you make hats and headgear - both for everyday clothing, but possibly also for costumes.

Accordingly, you can either work in a hat maker's business or in theaters. Before that, you will complete a dual training course over three years. During this training period, you will receive between 650 euros and 950 euros per month, depending on the year of training. After a few years of professional life, € 2,300 to € 2,500 gross are possible, depending on the position, millers are also paid according to a collective agreement.

Technical Product Designer

How does a product have to be designed so that it looks good, works exactly as it should and meets all safety criteria or other requirements? Technical product designers (formerly known as technical draftsmen) design and design components mostly on the computer with 3D models and so-called computer-aided design programs (CAD software). Your creativity provides the idea, you shape it into a digital 3D model, which is then built and used in products, devices and machines.

Training to become a technical product designer takes three and a half years. The pay is very good, you can earn up to 900 euros a month in the first year, but the increase over the years is less. There are also good opportunities to earn money at work. 3,000 euros gross are already possible without further training. For example, you can become a technical business economist or a state-certified technician and raise your possible salary far upwards.


Making pieces of jewelry, adding fine decorations, implementing your own ideas or realizing the wishes of customers and clients. Goldsmiths combine a creative profession with manual skills, dexterity and accuracy.

After three and a half years of dual training, you can work at jewelers, in gold or silver workshops or in jewelery workshops. During the training, the salary increases from around 850 euros to over 1,000 euros. After starting your career there are around 1,500 euros, with work experience over 2,000 euros is the average pay. However, there are opportunities for advancement if you become a master goldsmith, for example. Then salaries from 3,500 euros to 4,000 euros are also possible.

media designer

The job as a media designer combines close customer contact with creative work. You create concepts and design their implementation. In the digital and print sector, for example, this means that you design websites, but are also responsible for catalogs and flyers. If, on the other hand, you want to work as a media designer for sound and image, deal with advertising in the form of sound and video recordings - for radio or television.

The training period is three years. The payment mainly depends on whether you are paid according to the tariff or not. If that is the case, you are in luck and can look forward to a significantly higher salary, although the digital and print branch is usually better paid. After completing the training, the earning potential is between 2,000 and 3,000 euros, depending on the employer, although further training can also improve the financial situation here.

25 more creative professions

In addition to the job profiles above, we have compiled a list of 25 creative professions for you. Perhaps the right creative profession for you is here:

  • Game designer / game developer
  • illustrator
  • Tailor
  • product developer
  • Stage dancers
  • Technical model maker
  • Gardener / landscaper
  • engraver
  • Draftsman
  • Graphic designer
  • Video editor
  • Blogger
  • architect
  • Artist
  • Exhibition designer
  • Gemstone cutter
  • Stylist
  • Audio designer
  • Interior decorator
  • Dance teacher
  • Event manager
  • fashion designer
  • Confectioner
  • cook
  • Candle maker and wax maker

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