You can get off social media

Social networks : I want to get out then

Sleep in longer - if that's not a reason for Facebook. There should still be people who are not members of a social network. Their child goes to school too early in the morning because they haven't noticed anything about the missed lessons. Just like the classmates who - of course - are on Facebook and found out about the missed hour in good time. Like 800 million Facebook users worldwide, around 20 million of them in Germany, they share daily, hourly, minute-by-minute via PC, laptop and the Internet about what they have just done, heard or seen.

Modern times. One hardly lives without - Generation Facebook. Distribute Like buttons here, click on posted videos there. Whether that represents a gain or loss of quality of life is debatable, quite apart from the question of who is reading everything on the social networks and what happens to the data, texts and images that are entered. Less controversial is the statement: If you want to get out of there, you should be able to do that too. Without a hitch, as soon as possible. However, anyone who has ever discovered the option to unsubscribe on their Facebook page will first receive the question: "Are you sure that you want to deactivate your account?" Along with a request to state various "necessary" reasons for leaving (á la "Das is only for a short time, I'll be back ”) as well as“ more detailed explanations ”. The only thing missing is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg calling personally.

Facebook will do everything it can to convince users that disabling the account is a hell of a bad idea. The Austrian Dieter Willinger, who founded an “Association of Friends of Getting Out of Social Networks”, knows this too, so that providers such as Facebook on his website do not have the power of opinion over web-based social networks. People who want to get out can read instructions here. Basically, so Willinger, sees itself as a medium that aims to promote the discussion about web-based social networks and their effects on individuals and society. Not everyone should get out of Facebook by any means. He also does not want to give concrete figures about Facebook apostates.

The Dutch makers of "Web 2.0 Suicide Machine" go one step further, the site of which is said to have already been blocked by Facebook. Motto: "Do you want to meet your real neighbors again?" promises a "quick suicide" of the web self and takes over the login data for various platforms. The account is not simply deleted. Instead, friendship entries and profile picture are removed and the connections to groups are broken.

In the end, you have to stay tough, if you follow Dieter Willinger and his “instructions on getting out of Facebook”: “You will first be informed that your friends who have already been confirmed will no longer be able to contact you. They may want to suggest to you that you will be damned alone and completely lose touch with your friends and acquaintances. "

It may be that all of this is anachronistic, romanticized refusal to progress. A life without appointments? You can stay inside. And sleep longer if school does start later.

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