Are adult children of alcoholics generally narcissistic

Information for adult children from addiction families

Sometime between the twentieth and thirtieth year of life, the long shadows of childhood usually catch up with the grown-up children from families with addictions. Questions arise: Is it actually normal to experience one's own life as a kind of permanent crisis? Is it normal to come across the same kind of partner over and over again, with whom one has the same kind of destructive relationships over and over again? Is it normal not to find one's place in professional life for ages and to feel like the wrong person in every position? What is actually normal? Was it normal what was lived as normal in one's own family? Could the addiction problem of the father or mother have something to do with the fact that one often simply does not know the "code" with which this life opens up?

NACOA Germany has many among its members who have experienced addiction in the family as children. We would like to pass on our experience to other adult children from addiction families. If you grew up as a child with parents with addictions, we would be delighted if our information gave you hope. Because there is more than just survival for adult children. There is life too.

You can download information for adult children from addiction families as well as the options for recovery from the long-term effects of parental addiction here:

Information for adult children NACOA information sheet

Life stories of children from alcoholic families NACOA information sheet

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